Welcome to Adventures in Polishland! Nail Polishland, that is! My name is Christina, and although I am studying Political Science and aim to become an entertainment lawyer, I love to paint my nails. Throughout high school, and now in college, I use bright colors and glitter to add some flair to my fingers. Though getting a professional manicure is fun, I can only afford to do so on special occasions. I also don’t like the idea of fake nails, so I make sure to take care of the ones I’ve got. Over the years I’ve gotten many compliments on my nails, so I thought it might be fun to share some of my tips online with all of you. I have recently begun using Pinterest, and I have discovered so many new ideas. This blog will talk about the different brands I use, as well as discuss the new styles and techniques I have found. I hope you will enjoy the coming posts!

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