Painting Properly

Last night I came across this pin that apparently describes the “correct”way for one to paint her nails. Though it sounded a bit silly, I decided to try it out today to see if the technique really did make a difference. It started out fine, with me letting my top coat dry before I started the color, which I usually don’t do. But then, as I began with the dot of color on my nail, I soon realized that the brush of the nail polish I was using was so big that my entire nail was almost covered with just one stroke. I attempted the trick a few more times, but just felt as if nothing special was being accomplished. I ended up painting my nails the way I normally do and things ended up quite fine. What do you think? Do you have a special, proper way of painting your nails?


Color is Plastic Flamingo by Spoiled, one of my latest brand obsessions.

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