All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Since last spring, the crackle trend has been sweeping nail nation. It began with OPI’s Black Shatter, which I trekked all over midtown Manhattan to find with no luck. Thankfully, other brands began to come out with their own crackle polishes, including the much more affordable Sally Hansen. My mom bought me Fuchsia Shock, and let me tell you, I was somewhat shocked the first time I used it! It really does work, and it’s so easy to put on. Plus, it dresses up any manicure. People will be amazed when you show them your nails.

Last Thursday I decided to use crackle on my nails for my mom’s retirement party. I was wearing a bright spring dress with orange, yellow, and pink, and I couldn’t decide what color to paint my nails. Thus, I went with all three! First, I painted my nails with Don’t Be Cheesy from Spoiled and Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. I alternated the orange and yellow colors, painting two thin coats of each. I let this color dry for a bit before applying the crackle. Even though waiting is difficult, you want to make sure your nails are dry so the colors do not blend. Then, apply a coat of the crackle to your nails. You’ll want to move somewhat quickly, but either a thick or thin coat is fine depending on how much color you want to show from underneath. A thinner coat reveals more color. The exciting part is when the crackle begins to appear right before your eyes! It’s so awesome! Make sure to top with your favorite topcoat to event out the layers & add some shine.

So, what do you think, did my nails match my dress well? The lighting on the photo kind of stinks, but you get the idea. This manicure was fun to do, and each polish that I used was under   $6.50! Plus, if you go to Target’s website right now you can get a coupon for $1 off select Sally Hansen polishes. Go grab some new nail polish and let me know what you think of the crackle trend!


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