Mani Upgrade and a Mini Tragedy

My sad glitter polish

Ever since I upgraded my glitter french manicure, I knew it would be a fun idea to do a series on the blog of all my mani upgrades. Sometimes it’s fun to take your nails to a new high. Today, I added some flair to my mint green nails with some glitter. I have had Julep’s Susie on my nails for a few days and the tops had started to chip a tiny bit. Since I will probably do a new manicure tomorrow, I just wanted to update my current one a little bit. So, I touched up the mint green base, and got out my ever-faithful Wet ‘n Wild glitter. But I had a little surprise waiting for me. The top of the bottle from the glitter got separated from the brush! Luckily I was able to dig out the brush and still use the glitter, but I think it might be time to upgrade that polish.

And here are my upgraded nails! I added two coats of my clear glitter to get this effect. It’s a bit hard to see the true beauty of my nails with these photos. I’m still learning the best photography methods for nails! And I don’t have a super fancy camera either. What do you think of my upgraded mani? Don’t forget, if you like the mint color, go to Julep’s website HERE to join and enter COLOR2012 to get your first box for a penny! 


  1. Mary says:

    I’ve actually run into the brush problem with a few bottles of polish, and typically I just screw the lid all the way back on, reaaaaally tight. When I open it again, the whole thing comes back just fine! Hope that helps. ♥

  2. Melanie Snyder says:

    how long have you had that W&W polish? It looks like mine, and mine have to be at least 13 years old. I’ve had the handle problem also… the other day in fact. I had to try screwing it back on and off about 5 times before it finally took. Sometimes if you kind of push down on it as you screw it back on, that seems to help.

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