Get Off Me, Glitter!

Back in April when I first started Adventures in Polishland, my friend Steph requested a post about how to successfully remove glitter. Though I sport glitter polishes rather frequently I have never needed to seek out alternate methods of removing glitter until today. My beautiful Julep America was practically glued onto my nails. It took quite a bit of effort to remove, but now I know the trick that works, and will share it with all of you!

I first tried to take my glitter off with THIS method that I found on Pinterest. I’m not going into too much detail here, because sadly it did not work for me! Basically, you’re supposed to take a cotton ball, break it into pieces, dip it in remover, and set it on your nails for 1-2 minutes. The polish (any polish is the claim) is supposed to magically slide off your nail. I don’t think so! Here is what my poor left hand looked at after trying this out three times! That’s right– I repeated this three times.

Not for anything, but you can see that my regular nail polish on my ring finger didn’t come off completely either. Boo!

Onto method number two– tin foil glitter claws! I was hesitant to try this out because it uses a lot of materials at once, but alas, I needed clean nails. Basically take a cotton ball dip it in remover, and wrap it up with your finger in tin foil. Repeat on each finger and let sit for about ten minutes (yes, that long). The good news is that this really does work. You look a bit silly, but who cares?! The important thing is the glitter WILL come off. In case you’re wondering how these glitter claws look, I snapped a photo.Β Β 

Now if your glitter seems to be easily peeled, I wouldn’t go through all this trouble. Instead, gently peel off the polish. Don’t dig into your nail or you might take off some layers, but simply peeling it off is fine. Most importantly, always be sure to apply base coat! You want to provide a protective layer between your nail and the glitter.Β 

There you have it! The best method to removing glitter is tin foil claws. Now you don’t have to fear the sparkle.

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  1. The Polish Monster says:

    The foil method is what I always use for glitter πŸ™‚

    One tip I’ve found? Use felt instead of cotton balls! You can get just page-size sheets of felt for like 25 cents at any craft store, and cut that up into dozens and dozens of nail size pieces. I love using felt for regular removal too! You don’t have the stringy cotton pieces like you do with cotton balls.

  2. pursedreams says:

    This post is too funny, as I too have America glitter remnants right now on my nails. I’m picking at the remaining glitter pieces to get them off. I will use the foil method next time!

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