Little Black Bag: Take Two

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about my first Little Black Bag? Well, I decided to splurge on one more, and boy have I learned some tricks! Little Black Bag is another monthly subscription that costs $50 per month. You pick the first item (handbag, jewelry, makeup, etc), and then are given 3-4 more items from the stylists. Then, you have one week to trade your items with other LBB members. The goal is to get lots of items at a high value. Last time, I got a purse and two ncLA nail polishes. This month, with very careful trading, I not only got a purse, but I got three nail polishes and nail wraps! Let me show you everything I got.

What’s inside?!


All the goodies! Wow!

Look at all that great stuff! The handbag is the real highlight. It is a Nica Sinead Satchel bag that retails at $98. This bag is even more gorgeous in real life than it was online. It has a snap closure, an adjustable strap, and a gorgeous floral pattern on the front. Inside, it has lots of pockets & zippered compartments. I can’t wait to use it! I think I may make this my everyday handbag in place of my three-year-old Coach that I’ve had a hard time parting with. With this handbag alone I have already made a great deal, spending only $50 for this $98 purse.

ncLA Designer Nail Wraps in Geri

Next, I got a set of nail wraps from ncLA that retail at $16. I got the pattern Geri. I’ve never tried any nail stickers or wraps before, so I can’t wait to see how these work! According to ncLA, all you need is clear nail polish, so one day I’ll be blogging about these. Have any of you tried them yet?

Michael Marcus nail polish!

Finally, I got three Michael Marcus nail polishes, which are worth $15 each! From left to right, the colors are Brilliant Sand, Fuchsia Have a Good Time, and Paradise Pink. One thing I love just by looking at these polishes is the bottle’s shape! It’s a fun, geometric look. I’ve never seen that on any other polish before. I’m very excited to try these out as well! The colors are beautiful. Have you tried Michael Marcus out before?

You may have noticed in the photo of all my goodies together that there is one more item pictured. For the month of July, LBB provided its users with a bonus sample of Redken hair products. This bonus was the secret to my success this month! I traded my sample multiple times to get nail polish. I guess some people would prefer to have hair product versus a polish (silly, I know!). In the end, I did keep one Redken sample– anti frizz milk. I look forward to using this, too!

All in all, the value of my entire LBB is $159– over $100 in savings! If you are willing to spend the $50 up front to purchase LBB each month, then you are definitely getting a good deal. Because I do not have room for LBB in my budget, I am not going to be purchasing any more for a while. The great thing about this website is that I can choose to skip any month that I don’t wish to purchase. Perhaps one day I will splurge on this again!

If you are not yet a Little Black Bag member, please click HERE to join.



  1. thatnailchick says:

    Those polishes are so bright, I love it! Perfect for Summer.

    Would love to see a post on the ncLA Nail Wraps. I’ve only tried the Sally Hansen ones and I failed miserably at the application. A friend told me it was because my hands were too cold? (It was the middle of Winter) but I’m not sure how that works.

  2. Kristen says:

    I LOVE the bag! Me I wouldn’t want the all that nail polish lol great bag tho. I’ve been thinking about this one and I think this is gonna be a Christmas/birthday gift to myself this year. Not in my budget to spend $50 every month on a box either but I’d love to check it out every now and again for my blog and vlog 🙂

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