Try it on Tuesday: Wet ‘n Wild Fergie Collection in Miami Spirit

I have always been a fan of Fergie, so when I found out she was joining forces with Wet ‘n Wild to create a nail polish line, I couldn’t wait to try them! I received Miami Spirit in nail mail from Polish Monster, and had every intention to use it right away. Well, for some reason weeks have passed and I hadn’t even opened the bottle. I decided to try it this week, as it is a perfect fall color.


Miami Spirit is a teal polish with green and blue shimmer. It was opaque with two coats of polish, and the formula was great. I didn’t experience any problems whatsoever! The brush that comes with Fergie polish is really wide, and at first I thought it would make things more difficult, but I found that it was easy to use despite how big it was. In fact, it holds a lot of polish! I am also happy to report that Miami Spirit dries rather quickly. All around it is a great polish!


Though I was loving the color and shimmer of Miami Spirit, my manicure just needed a little something extra. I went to my nail polish stash and grabbed Maybe I’m Crazy from the indie brand Absolutlacquer. You can read my full review of Maybe I’m Crazy HERE, but this polish is basically a glitter top coat with as many different colors and shapes of glitter as you could imagine. Last time, I wore it on top of a red polish, and some of the red glitters blended in. I wondered what it would look like on a shimmery teal. It turns out that it looks fantastic!



What I love about Maybe I’m Crazy is that you can achieve a different look with it every time you use it. That’s because the base color changes which glitters stand out. Plus, each nail is going to have a different combination of glitters on it. With the added shimmer from Miami Spirit, my nails are super shiny, and lots of fun! I’m so glad I tried this combination on together.


You can purchase the Wet ‘n Wild Fergie collection at your nearest Walgreens for just $3.50 a bottle! That’s pretty fabulous and affordable. Have you tried this brand yet?


  1. Alex Simpson says:

    I got Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night from a blog sale, and now I’m itching to use it! I have to figure out what to use it over though….possibly hot pink!

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