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A few weeks back, I heard about a new shopping website called OpenSky and decided to see if they had some nail polish for sale. Luckily, I found some normally high-priced polishes at discounted prices and just had to snag them up! Today I will show you a polish from ncLA that I got. Stay tuned for future posts about the other polishes!




This gorgeous polish is Hello, I Love You! from ncLA. It is a jelly polish in what ncLA calls a berry color. I would say it is somewhere between magenta and maroon. It is a gorgeous color for fall! This polish is really pretty, but the formula was a bit off. It was a little streaky, so I had to apply three coats. It is also really sheer, as with all jelly polishes, and took a really long time to dry. I did wake up with linen marks on my nails even though I applied the polish hours before I went to bed. I tweeted about my problem with the formula, and ncLA even replied saying that this was one of their sheerest polishes. Even though the formula was not the best, I really love the color of Hello, I Love You! Because it is so pretty I want to use it over and over!

The best part is this polish normally retails for $16, but I scored this bottle for just over $3 after using my credits for OpenSky! When you sign up for the website, you get $25 in credit. Plus, when you sign up through Facebook you get an additional $10 in credit — that’s $35 just for signing up! There is a catch, though. In order to use credits on OpenSky you have to spend a minimum of $50. Still, that’s $35 in free credits to use! OpenSky also rewards its users for being social. Whenever a friend buys something, you get a $5 credit, too. It’s a great website to score deals on all sorts of merchandise. You can join by clicking HERE.

Have you tried ncLA nail polish? What do you think of Hello, I Love You!?


  1. E. Teo says:

    It IS a very pretty color. I think that I would like it, but I wouldn’t like applying three coats. Did you use a top coat as well?

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