A Jelly Sandwich with ncLA Hello, I Love You! & Zoya Electra

When I first started checking out other nail polish blogs, I had no idea what a jelly sandwich manicure was! Today I will show you the first jelly sandwich I have ever done, and explain how to get such a fun and unique look! I used two polishes from previous posts so you can see this mani upgrade in action. See ncLA Hello, I Love You! HERE and Zoya Electra HERE.

So, what is a jelly sandwich? It is simply combining two polishes in oreo cookie fashion. You will need one jelly finish nail polish. I used ncLA Hello, I Love You! for that. A jelly polish is one that is very sheer. Basically, think of a jelly polish as one that is a clear base with some added pigment. If you aren’t sure whether a polish has a jelly finish or not, try experimenting. If a polish is opaque in two coats, it is not a jelly. However, if takes three or more coats to build opacity, it will probably be great for layering!


To begin your jelly sandwich, paint 2-3 coats of your jelly polish and let that dry. Then, grab your second polish. Typically jelly sandwiches use a glitter polish as the middle layer because the glitter is easy to see through the sheerness of the jelly. I chose Zoya Electra, a holographic bar glitter, as my “middle” polish. I layered on one coat of Electra, but depending on the glitter you are using you may want to do two coats. It is more of a personal preference. Once the glitter has dried, finish up with one more coat of your jelly polish. You will have a really fun, layered look!



What do you think of my jelly sandwich manicure? I like it, especially for a first try! Plus, a jelly sandwich is a great way to upgrade a current manicure. Simply add the glitter and a final coat of the jelly, and you have a whole new look! I can’t wait to try this out again soon.


  1. vonimoller says:

    Ah man! You have no idea how for months I’ve been wondering what the F a jelly sandwich is!!!
    FABULOUS blog post and now I want to work this in somehow into my nail art challenge! Must try this!!!
    Thank you by the way and I love the glitter you used for your jelly sandwich 😀

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