On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

This post is dedicated to all of the Mean Girls fans out there! If you’ve seen that movie you know that every Wednesday it is mandatory to wear pink. Otherwise, you won’t get to sit at the lunch table with Regina George and the rest of The Plastics. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, make sure to go watch Mean Girls right now!

In honor of Pink Wednesday, I have two nail polishes to show you. Both are, of course, pink! I normally wear bright pink nail polishes a la Barbie, but I tried out two pale pinks recently, and I love the understated look. Today you will see both of these polishes alone, and at some point in the near future you will see what glitter top coats I added on top!




The first pink I have to show you is Pink Wishes from CND Colour. This is a brand that is new to me. This polish was a gift from a fellow nail blogger, but it retails at around $7. Though not the most affordable polish brand on the market, you are certainly getting a good quality product! Pink Wishes has a great formula that is opaque in two coats. I really like the application, and was surprised at how much I enjoy the light pink color. It reminds me of cotton candy! My only gripe with Pink Wishes is that you can see brush strokes a little on the finished manicure. Other than that it is a great polish!



The other pink polish I have to show you today is Jennifer from Julep, one of my favorite brands! While Julep retails for $14 per bottle, there are many ways to get this amazing polish at discounted rates. You can join the Julep Maven program HERE to get a box of goodies for $20 per month, plus keep a lookout for promo codes on Julep’s Facebook page HERE. I got Jennifer for $5 through a group order with other nail polish fans — quite the bargain! Jennifer is a beautiful pale pink that I expected to have a cream finish, but it is actually quite sheer. I have on two coats in the photos, and as you can see it is not fully opaque. Because I knew I would be layering glitter over it, I didn’t add another coat, but even with just the two I think it looks gorgeous! Jennifer is perfect if you don’t like overstated or “loud” manicures, but still want to be polished.

I hope you enjoyed my Pink Wednesday post! What are your favorite pink nail polishes?


  1. harajukugirlfl says:

    Saw the title, first realized it was indeed Wednesday. Then realized I was wearing *gasp* PINK!!!
    I’m not a plastic!!! I vote for Kady Heron!

    Seriously though. Those pinks are really pretty.
    Haven’t tried CND yet but everyone who talks/blogs about it has great things to say.
    On my list. But way after all the Indies I need in my life!

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