My December Julep Maven Box!

Happy Saturday! Today I will be posting about my December Julep Maven Box, and the three beautiful nail polishes I received inside. I want to start this post by informing you that Julep will be retiring the offer that has stood for quite some time now that if you sign up for the Maven program you get your first month for one penny. There is no official end date yet, but I highly suggest you join Julep as soon as possible to take advantage of this amazing deal! I will post more information about the Julep program at the end of the post, but if you would like to join for one penny, enter code PENNY2012 at checkout HERE.



This month, I chose the It Girl box from Julep. I got three nail polishes in my December box, and all are glittery and shiny for the holidays! I also got the supplies to make my own nail polish ring, but I just can’t decide which polishes to use on it! I will be sure to post a photo of my finished ring at some point. For right now, I’ll show you the polishes!







First up is Harper, a stunning turquoise glitter polish. I used two coats of Harper to achieve opacity, and I am just in love with the stunning color! Julep describes Harper as “mermaid blue,” and I definitely agree with that description. I felt as if I had mermaid scales on my fingers! Harper has opalescent glitters mixed in, so it really catches the light. I can definitely see myself wearing this polish over and over!







Up next is Ivy, a shiny blue polish. Ivy has a metallic finish, and is sprinkled with micro-glitters. Only two coats are needed for opacity, and Ivy is extremely long-lasting! The color is absolutely stunning, and appears to change shades depending on the lighting. I was very impressed with how gorgeous this polish is. If you are a blue fan, Ivy is a must!







Last but not least is Vivien, a golden glitter polish. I applied one coat of Vivien over Ivy to get the look in the photos. Vivien is full of small, gold hexagonal glitters with fine gold glitter throughout. Julep does call this polish full-coverage, but I think it would take at least four coats to wear this alone. It is very pretty as a glitter top coat, though! I love that I can wear the polishes from my Maven Box together to complete a fun manicure!

All in all, I love the It Girl box that I got in December! Julep is such a great subscription program, and if you love trying on-trend nail colors I highly suggest you join before the penny promo is up. Typically a Julep box costs $19.99 per month, which is already a fantastic deal as each polish retails for $14 each. But, with promo code PENNY2012, your first month is just one penny! I love the Julep program because you can always skip your box if you can’t afford it that month, and you can cancel at any time. Be sure to join HERE and feel free to ask me any questions!

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