SinfulColors in Mint Apple

Happy Saturday! Adventures in Polishland began as a way to highlight nails that are both fabulous and affordable, and I want to make sure I stay true to that motto as this blog continues to grow. In the next few weeks I will be bringing you some amazing reviews of indie polish, but I hope to intermix some affordable brands and some do-it-yourself nail art in there as well!Β Today I want to show you a stunning polish from the brand SinfulColors. Let’s take a look at Mint Apple.


SinfulColors – Mint Apple SinfulColors – Mint Apple

Mint Apple is a gorgeous seafoam green color that is full of green and gold shimmer. I applied two coats in the photos above to achieve opacity. I was really impressed with the formula of Mint Apple — it applied evenly and dried really quickly! My one complaint is that the brush for the polish was a bit more fanned out than I would have liked, but that luckily did not affect the application. Other than that, I love Mint Apple! The shimmer is so beautiful, and gives it a lot of dimension. I originally wanted this color because I love mint green nail polishes, but as you can see, this is a really different shade. I am happily surprised!

The best part about SinfulColors nail polish is that it can be purchased in drug stores and department stores for just $1.99! That is super affordable! Although I have only tried this one polish, the formula seems to be great quality. Plus, SinfulColors has an extensive line that features almost any color you can think of. I highly suggest you buy yourself a few of these, especially if you are on a tight budget but are looking to try some new colors out. I can’t wait to give more SinfulColors a try!


    • Tami Willis says:

      oooh, forgot to say I have several Sinful Colors polish. I really like all of them πŸ™‚ You should look for Nail Junkie πŸ™‚ It’s green-turquoise glitter in a turquoise jelly base, a little thick because of so much glitter but it’s gorgeous! There’s green, blue, gold, and turquoise glitters in there, maybe even more colors. It’s actually my current fave glitter! πŸ™‚

  1. 10 Nice Nails says:

    Sinful Colors has some really great colors! I have liked every one I’ve picked up. They are really inexpensive and sometimes they’re even on sale for $0.99!

    Cinderella and this one are two of my faves!


  2. vonimoller says:

    I LOVE this green! It really does remind me of the sea!!
    WHY!!!!!! Oh WHY isn’t this stocked in South Africa?! How do they want us to survive seriously LOL ok that’s a bit dramatic but this is a really nice colour and I haven’t seen anything like it from any of our brands here that are available!

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