Indie Spotlight: The Hidden Valley Collection from A Rhyming Dictionary Polish

Today I am extremely excited to show you five amazing polishes from the indie brand A Rhyming Dictionary Polish. These polishes are from the soon-to-be-released collection called The Hidden Valley, which will be available very soon. I first tried A Rhyming Dictionary back in early December when I brought you the post highlighting Unc Nunkie (read that HERE). Now that I have tried a substantial amount of polishes from this brand, I can tell you that it is of the highest quality. Definitely be sure to check out the Etsy shop and pick yourself up a few of these! I will post the link at the end of this post. Let me show you some of The Hidden Valley collection!


A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Scraps A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Scraps First up is Scraps, an extremely unique polish in a purple jelly base. Scraps is full of black and white glitters in all shapes and sizes. There are hexagonal glitters, square glitters, and shards, too!  This polish also has a holo shimmer, so it truly sparkles. I used three coats alone, and while it was not opaque, I loved the look! If you would like an opaque look, I suggest you layer this over a purple or black polish. Moreover, Scraps has a great formula — lots of glitters come out upon application and they lay flat. The polish was a little hard to work with because of all the glitter, but when it dries it looks super cool. I applied two coats of top coat to even out the finish. Overall, I love Scraps! It is unlike any other polish I’ve tried before, and it reminds me of my undergrad’s school colors. I was staring at my nails a lot with this one!

A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Collapsible Kite A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Collapsible Kite


Up next is Collapsible Kite, a glitter top coat in a clear base. I layered two coats over Zoya GeiGei (which you will see very soon!). This polish has magenta, yellow, and orange glitters, and is a mix of hexagonal, square, and fine glitters. The formula was fantastic, and I didn’t have to fish for glitters. The glitter lay flat on the nail, too. I finished up with one coat of top coat. I just love the color combination of Collapsible Kite! I wore this as my New Year’s Eve manicure, and it matched my pink dress perfectly! The light pink base was an ideal choice, because none of the glitters got lost in the background, but it was still complimentary. A great combination, I think!


A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Magic Muffins A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Magic Muffins The next polish from The Hidden Valley collection is Magic Muffins! This purple polish has a holo shimmer throughout. I applied three coats for full opacity. It was a bit streaky at first, but evens out very well. I also love the gorgeous satin finish of the polish, so I did not apply top coat. Not only does this polish have a super cute name, but it is a complete manicure all in one or can be used for layering. In fact, I used this as the base for the next polish in the collection!


A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Equinots A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Equinots Here is Equinots, a glitter top coat in a clear base. I layered one coat over Magic Muffins to get the look in the photos. Equinots is full of pink hexagonal glitters, magenta square glitters, and royal purple hexagonal glitters. There is also a sprinkling of magenta grains. This went perfectly with Magic Muffins, and was a dream to apply! One coat brought out a lot of glitters, so I left it at that. I applied one coat of top coat to complete the look. The finished product looks like one gorgeous polish! The holo shimmer from Magic Muffins stands out and combines with the glitters of Equinots for a stunning look. This is just one way to use the polishes from this collection together, alone, or with other polishes! They are so versatile!

A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Kite Island A Rhyming Dictionary Polish – Kite Island


Last but not least is Kite Island, a glitter top coat in a clear base. I layered two coats of Kite Island over Sinful Colors Mint Apple (see that polish HERE). Kite Island is a really fun polish! It has fine glitters in pink and green, hexagonal glitters in orange, blue, pink, and green, small green squares, and (my favorite!) large white squares. Just as with the other polishes from A Rhyming Dictionary, the glitters came out with ease and lay flat on the nail. I just love the mix of colors in Kite Island, and the white glitters are a surprising touch. With one coat of top coat my manicure was complete. I chose a seafoam green background so none of the glitters would blend into the base. Overall, it is a super fun manicure!

All in all, I love all of these polishes from The Hidden Valley collection. The best part is that there are even more polishes in this collection that I’m sure will be just as fabulous! This collection will be released very shortly, and I will announce on my Facebook page when they are available for purchase. For now you can shop for other polishes at the A Rhyming Dictionary Etsy shop HERE and follow on Facebook HERE.


The polishes in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own.


  1. vonimoller says:

    They ALL are stunning and it’s hard to choose which I like more as they all look fab on you, although the Equinots look on top of Magic Muffins does stand out more for me.
    I like Scraps’ jelly appearance. It is almost like a jelly sandwich in a bottle.
    I like Collapsible Kite as it’s pink.
    The only one I’m not feeling is Kite Island but I’m unsure why as I’m a massive glitter fan actually. Maybe it is just not for me.

  2. Liss Cope says:

    Such a pretty collection! My favourite is Collapsible Kite! You did a great job and combination ^___^ looks lovely on you! Great new years eve manicure! <3
    big hug <3

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