My February Julep Maven Box!

After a disappointing January box, Julep more than made up for it this month! With a few added bonuses, I was so happy that I didn’t end up skipping my box. While I do have a few gripes with the extra products, I loved the two nail polishes I got. I’m sure you will agree that I got my money’s worth this month! Let me show you my February Julep Maven Box.


Look at all of those goodies in one box! This month I got my style profile box — Classic With a Twist. Inside were two nail polishes, the Oxygen Nail Treatment, the Freedom Polymer Top Coat, an eyelash curler, and two chocolate hearts. For all of these products, minus the curler and candy, the total retail value is $64! As a Maven, I only paid $19.95. How awesome is that?! I even love the two polishes I got!

IMG_0402 IMG_0403

Up first is Helen, what Julep calls a smokey pastel lavender. Helen has that fabulous Julep formula that is opaque in two coats. Helen has a beautiful creme finish, and leans toward a feminine dusty rose color. It is perfect for a professional and chic look! I love Helen — it’s different than any other polish in my collection!

IMG_0408 IMG_0409

Julep Claudette is the other polish in my February box. This red brick color is a one coat polish! That’s right — what you see in the photos is opacity with just one coat. I was blown away with the quality of Claudette’s formula. I love that the red tone is not as bright as a true red polish, but it’s still perfect for awards season. If you aren’t a red girl like me, this is the one you want to actually keep in your collection! As a one-coater there is no reason to not own it! It’s perfect for when you need a red.


The next item in this month’s box is the Oxygen Nail Treatment. This product baffles me a bit. Why? Well, it is supposed to be worn 1-2 times per week, but without any other nail polish. Since most nail polish aficionados have polish on every day, it’s difficult to find the time to put on this treatment up to twice per week. The directions also don’t say how long you’re supposed to wear the treatment. I wore mine overnight and into the next day for about thirteen hours. Above you can see my nail before (left), during (middle), and after (right). I think the treatment did help to whiten my nails, but I’m not sure that I saw much of a difference. Maybe if I did wear this treatment for an extended period of time I will see more results.


Last but not least, the Freedom Polymer Top Coat was one of this month’s extra items in the box. This top coat is advertised to dry in five minutes in natural light, and in two minutes under a 60-watt light bulb. The finish is supposed to look like a gel manicure, and it to be long-lasting. I included a photo above of Shimmer Polish Karina layered over Claudette. I used the Freedom top coat for that manicure, and as you can see, the finish is great! Plus, the top coat did dry extremely quickly. However, this top coat chips off in a day! I almost never see chipping on my nails, but I used this top coat 3-4 times and my polish chipped like crazy! You also have to make sure your nails are completely dry before you apply this top coat, or your nail art will smudge. I only plan on using Freedom when I am in a rush.

All in all, February was a great month as a Julep Maven! I loved both of the polishes I got, and it was fun trying the nail treatment and top coat. While I am a bit disappointed with the top coat, I still see myself using it in some occasions. I will even try the nail treatment a bit more, too! If you would like to become a Julep Maven, sign up HERE and use code FREEBOX at checkout! Your first month will be free — just pay for shipping! Julep is a fabulous program for just $19.95 per month, and you can skip any month you don’t want or cancel at any time.

Tell me what you love about Julep in the comments, and don’t forget to enter my Baby Lips Giveaway HERE!

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  1. vonimoller says:

    1. I love helen. I love the softness of the colour.
    2. I love claudette. It isn’t a neon red so regardless of what skin tone you are, it’s a colour anyone can pull off.
    (Both are stunning and I can’t say which I like more).
    3. Is the oxygen treatment MEANT to whiten your nails? I don’t think I could use something like that due to the fact that you can’t wear it with polish. Then I’ll stick to whitening toothpaste.
    4. I can definitely see a gel look with the Freedom top coat and I like that you did a glitter mani under that. The gel look makes it pop a little more I feel.

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