DIY Nail Art Featuring the Milani Textured Creams

Happy Saturday! Today’s post responds to many of your requests for nail art! I loved the Milani Textured Creams so much that I decided to use them to create three, do-it-yourself nail art looks. These polishes were so easy to work with! You can see my full review of the collection HERE, but below is a quick reminder of what each polish looks like on its own.

IMG_0503Now, let me show you the nail art I created! The only tool you will need besides the nail polish is scotch tape!

IMG_0654 IMG_0658First I did a simple, diagonal look using Tainted in Red and Spoiled in Fuchsia. I painted my nails with Spoiled in Fuchsia, and then waited for the polish to dry completely. Then I took the scotch tape and covered up half of my nail, and painted over the other half using Tainted in Red. Before the polish dried, I carefully peeled off the tape to reveal this fun manicure! This diagonal look is so easy to create, but looks really cool. You can easily add another color as well!

IMG_0667 IMG_0669Next I did a cloud manicure using Aqua Splash as my base and Yellow Mark for the clouds. This technique is surprisingly easy to create. All you do is apply your polish in three strokes — a long stroke on the edge, a middle one, and a short one! It’s as simple as that! I love this manicure so much that I’ve recreated in many times. I think the cloud manicure is perfect with these Milani Textured Creams because you get the added dimension from the textured finish!

IMG_0685 IMG_0690Last but not least is my take on a half moon manicure using Purple Streak and Shady Gray. First, I painted my nails with Purple Streak. After the polish had dried completely, I placed a piece of scotch tape at the bottom of my nail and painted the rest with Shady Gray. This gave me a half moon manicure with a straight line instead of a curved one. I love the geometric look, and this is an edgy take on the half moon! I also love the color palette!

All in all, these nail are techniques are so simple that I know you can do-it-yourself! I found the Milani Textured Creams to be really easy to work with, as they dry quickly and have the perfect formula. Be sure to see my last entry for my review of this collection!


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  1. Jessica says:

    I’ve been searching for these polishes, one of the walgreens I went to didn’t have them, an the closest cvs is 2 hours away…you worked nicely with them!

  2. vonimoller says:

    I can’t decide if I like the clouds more or the rocking, different half moons! I need to recreate both! They’re so cool!
    I don’t have textured polish. Milani isn’t stocked in South Africa but I think that both looks I could recreate with ordinary polish too! Maybe I’ll do some clouds this week as I really liked that!

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