Zoya PixieDust Special Textured Collection for Spring 2013

Happy Friday! Today I have a review of one of the most talked about nail polish collections of the season. The Zoya PixieDust collection is right on trend with textured nail polishes, and offers an added sparkle with each polish. I love the look and feel of textured polishes, and these are no exception! Let me show you the full PixieDust collection!

IMG_0740 IMG_0742 IMG_0739First up is my favorite from the collection, Nyx! Nyx is a light, dusty blue that leans towards grey. The formula is great, but very sheer. It took three coats to achieve opacity. As with all of the polishes in the PixieDust collection, make sure you allow each coat of polish to dry completely before following up with another layer. This ensures you get the textured, matte finish! Nyx is so beautiful with its silver sparkle!

IMG_0748 IMG_0752 IMG_0745Next is Vespa, a mint green polish. Similar to Nyx, Vespa’s formula was quite sheer and required three coats to be opaque. I love the gorgeous color of this polish, but it was very pale in terms of pigmentation. It also smudges easily if it’s not completely dry. I found removal to be difficult with Vespa, especially because I wore it for a few days. Luckily the color is stunning!

IMG_0775 IMG_0777 IMG_0780Godiva is the next polish from the PixieDust collection, and is a light beige nude. Godiva was also opaque in three coats, and took a very long time to dry. I do love this polish, but unfortunately for me it blended right into my skin tone. This is the perfect nude color if you have darker skin, but I felt weird wearing it! I love that this is a nude with sparkle, though.

IMG_0793 IMG_0795 IMG_0797Next up is Dahlia, a dark grey that is almost black. Dahlia is opaque in two coats and has a great formula. I love the silver sparkle, as it is very prominent in this polish. Dahlia is very “rock star”. I love this polish! I was very happy that the formula was a standard two-coater as well.

IMG_0801 IMG_0804 IMG_0805Chyna is my second favorite polish from the PixieDust collection! A deep red with black and red sparkles, Chyna has an amazing formula and is opaque in two coats. Chyna dries very quickly, and looks so fun and edgy! I felt like I was wearing rubies on my nails with this polish. Just gorgeous!

IMG_0808 IMG_0812 IMG_0814Last but not least is London, a light grey polish with silver sparkles. London is also opaque in two coats and has a great, fast-drying formula. I love the nice sparkle in this polish. It is just like what I picture London fog to be like! London will go great with any outfit.

All in all, I really like the Zoya PixieDust collection. I had a few issus with application and removal, but the polishes are definitely beautiful. This collection is very unique, and you will be sure to impress your friends with your fancy nails! You can purchase the PixieDust collection on Zoya’s website HERE. Polishes are $9 each or $54 for the entire collection.


The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 




  1. krispearson88 says:

    This is great! Will help me decide what colors to get. As I am very fair skinned, the nude would not work for me!

  2. vonimoller says:

    I’ve always liked godiva and that’s the one I want to get when the pixie collection is released in SA… However you’ve now made me wonder if it will actually complement MY skin tone as I’m porcelain… So ja.
    But Dahlia is also rocking. Very rockstar as you said and different. Liking that.

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