Dare to Compare Week! Day Three – Mint Green

Happy Wednesday! Dare to Compare Week here at Adventures in Polishland continues with one of my nail polish obsessions, mint green. Mint is such a trendy color for spring that I made sure to include it in this week’s comparison extravaganza. I’ll let you know up front that I didn’t find any dupes, but I did discover some beautiful options! Let’s see what is up in the mint green color family.


IMG_1376 IMG_1377

From left to right, the polishes are Julep in Susie, China Glaze in Keep Calm, Paint On, and Zoya in Neely. These polishes do look similar in the bottle, but I could tell they wouldn’t be exactly the same on the nail. I still wanted to see the comparison, though. First I’ll show each polish alone, and then I’ll show them side by side.


Polish Name: China Glaze in Keep Calm, Paint On

Price: $6.99 at beauty stores, or $3.32 on Amazon [Buy HERE]

Coats Needed for Opacity: 2

Formula: Good, but on the thick side.

Color Description: Mint green with green and pink shimmer.

Bonus: I love the name of this polish!


Polish Name: Zoya in Neely

Price: $8 [Buy HERE]

Coats Needed for Opacity: 2

Formula: Good, but a bit patchy.

Color Description: Dusty mint green.

Bonus: Zoya is a vegan friendly, and long-lasting brand!


Polish Name: Julep in Susie

Price: $14 [Buy HERE]

Coats Needed for Opacity: 3

Formula: Okay — formula a bit streaky and patchy, but evens in three coats.

Color Description: Pale mint green

Bonus: I got this in my first Julep Maven Box! It’s an all-time favorite.


IMG_1372 IMG_1375

Now we have all three side by side! From left to right is the Zoya, the China Glaze, and the Julep. Susie from Julep stands out as the lightest shade of the bunch right away. Zoya Neely and China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On are very close, but the shimmer in Keep Calm really makes it stand out. I personally prefer the light shade of the Julep, but would choose Zoya Neely over the shimmer in the China Glaze. I prefer a pure, creme finish! In the end, when it comes to mint green I don’t think you can go wrong no matter what shade you choose!

Which do you prefer, bright pastels or dusty greens?! Do you like polishes with an added shimmer?!

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  1. Cindi says:

    I love mint green polish. I like the China Glaze color best out of the 3 shown. I have Keep Calm Paint On on my toes and love the color so much I am considering buying a back up bottle since it is limited edition.

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