Indie Spotlight: Echoes Collection from Different Dimension

Calling all Pink Floyd fans! Today I have a review of the Echoes collection from the indie brand Different Dimension. This set of six unique polishes perfectly represents the band’s iconic image from the album The Dark Side of the Moon, and is super fun for summer. Let me show you this totally rad collection!


IMG_1784 IMG_1789

First up is Wish You Were Here, a glitter top coat that I layered over China Glaze Surreal Appeal. Wish You Were Here is full of lots of fun glitters in the colors pink, fuchsia, blue, and silver. I absolutely love the large circle glitters and the squares! I applied one coat in the photos above. As you can see, the large circles reflect the light and create a holographic effect. Wish You Were Here is very unique, and perfect for the summer sunshine.


IMG_1804 IMG_1807

Next up is Another Brick in the Wall, a glitter top coat that I layered over Urban Outfitters Freakin Pink. Another Brick in the Wall is comprised of white and black fine glitters, white, black, and pink rectangles, and hot pink hexagonal glitters. There is also a sprinkling of silver holographic glitters for that extra shine. I applied one coat in the photos above. Unfortunately the pink glitters got a bit washed out in the photographs, but in real life they stood out great on the pink background. If bright colors aren’t for you, wear Another Brick in the Wall over a neutral polish for a toned down look!


IMG_1815 IMG_1819

Money is the next polish in the Echoes collection. It is a white base filled with neon green, neon yellow, blue, black, and gold glitters in a variety of shapes and sizes. Money can be worn alone as it is opaque in three coats, but I wanted the neon glitters to really stand out, so I layered two coats over a white polish. Money has a great formula that is easy to apply in layers, and once again the circle glitters make a very cool statement in this polish. The color combination also lives up to the money theme quite well!


IMG_1828 IMG_1830

Next up is Time, a glitter top coat that I layered over Essie Play Date. Time is full of black, silver, and purple glitters in all shapes an sizes, including diamonds, stars, squares, and large circles. I applied one coat to get the look in the photos above. It should be noted that the large circle glitters do appear curled, but that is just reflective curling. They lay perfectly flat on the nail! The star shaped glitter also has a stunning holographic shine when it hits the light. Time is definitely a rock star polish!


IMG_1843 IMG_1848

Comfortably Numb is the next polish in the Echoes collection, and is a glitter top coat will hot pink and yellow glitters. I layered one coat over Zoya Arizona in the photos above. The yellow glitters are hard to see in the photos, but my manicure looked amazing in person with all of the neon colors together. To make the neon glitters really pop, layer Comfortably Numb over a white polish. I think this polish would also look great with a matte top coat!


IMG_1857 IMG_1858

Last but not least is my favorite polish from the bunch, Hey You. Hey You has a light purple base and is full of pink and purple glitters with a sprinkle of holographic shine. I layered two coats of Hey You over Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac, as it perfectly matched the base color and I wanted to ensure opacity. I just adore the final product! The colors are stunning, and I love the pastel base. Hey You can easily transition from spring to summer, and is such a feminine polish.

All in all, I am loving the Echoes collection from Different Dimension! Each polish has an amazing formula, and the glitters apply with ease. I also find that these polishes are so unique, and offer glitter shapes that many other brands don’t incorporate. I think these polishes are a must for Pink Floyd fans and polish fans alike! Shop the collection on Etsy HERE for $8.50 each. You can also follow Different Dimension on Facebook HERE.


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  1. vonimoller says:

    I love all of these!
    The big circles in “wish you were here” reminds me of planets, I love “brick in the wall” as it’s really pretty, “time” is MY favourite of the lot and “hey you” is also very pretty!
    I love that you paired each glitter with a complementing polish colour! Good job on that!

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