Color Club in Mod in Manhattan from the Wanderlust Collection

Happy Thursday! I am back with a new review today after being on vacation for two weeks and then starting a brand new job. Thanks for sticking with me through the delay! Just as an announcement, I am starting a new series called Subscription Sunday that will feature unboxings and reviews of the subscriptions services to which I subscribe. That post will be live every Sunday starting this week! As a sneak peek, I’m bringing you the nail polish I got in my June Birchbox today. Let me show you this polish from the Birchbox Exclusive Wanderlust Collection!



Mod in Manhattan is a gorgeous off-white polish that has hints of peach in it. It has a great formula that applied well and is opaque in two coats. I applied Butter LONDON’s Hardwear to ensure a very glossy finish, but Mod in Manhattan was definitely shiny on its own. I am really loving this polish, as it is a good alternative for those who are hesitant to rock the white nail polish trend for this summer. Plus, I’m so happy I got the New York themed polish from the collection, as I live right in Manhattan! This is definitely the perfect nail polish for me at the moment.

All in all, I’m very impressed with Mod in Manhattan. It is great quality, and a great sample size to receive in my Birchbox. This polish is just one of the four that Birchbox collaborated with Color Club to create. The other three polishes represent Barcelona, London, and Paris — the other cities where Birchbox considers home. You can purchase the entire collection for just $8 on Birchbox’s website HERE. The polishes are mini size, but I think $8 is a great bargain. Let me know which Wanderlust polish you got in your Birchbox, and if you are excited for Subscription Sunday!


  1. Jaye says:

    I also got the Mod in Manhattan polish in my Birchbox box (heehee) and I felt the exact same way. (I even described it to my sister as “white with a hint of peach.”) I love that it’s not pure white. So much more flattering for my skin tone.
    I’ve been following your Ipsy v. Birchbox series (and doing my own comparison offline) and it’s really neat to see an opinion from someone else who gets both. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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