What’s Under There? Part Three

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another edition of What’s Under There?! In this series, I share with you polishes that I layered under glitters, or used in nail art. Today I’ll be showcasing the polishes that served as the bases in my Kawaii Nail Lacquer post. You can see that review HERE if you missed it. Let me show you what was under those glitters!

IMG_2556IMG_2558First up is L’Oreal Breaking Curfew, a super dark, plum jelly polish. Breaking Curfew is definitely outside of my comfort zone! I got it at Rite Aid a few months ago because I wanted to try something new. Unfortunately, the formula is a bit difficult to work with, but three coats is a full coverage, opaque look. I do love the color, and I think it’s perfect for fall. I might have to try this as a jelly sandwich at some point!

IMG_2571 IMG_2576Next up is OPI Skull & Glossbones from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection! Skull & Glossbones is a gorgeous off-white polish with a hint of green. It is the perfect neutral shade, and applies really nicely. I need two coats to achieve opacity. I really love how Skull & Glossbones is understated and classy at the same time. Even though it is from a retired collection, it is still available on Amazon!

IMG_2585IMG_2588ncLA’s Malibu Beach Babe is up next. This is a deep teal creme polish that just screams “fall” when I put it on despite its summery name. Malibu Beach Babe has a great formula that is opaque in two coats. I’ve worn it twice now, and I’m sure I’ll continue to get even more use out of it. ncLA polish retails for $16, but it is worth the splurge for this one!

IMG_2598 IMG_2602Last but not least is Julep Brandt, an off-black creme polish. Brandt is one of my favorite dark polishes of all time. It has an amazing formula that is opaque in two coats, and is edgy without being a harsh true black. Brandt is great on its own, but I’ve also used it for nail art. This is just an all-around fabulous polish!

All in all, I hope you liked finding out more about these polishes! Make sure to stay tuned for more What’s Under There? posts in the future! Also, don’t forget to enter my Back to School Giveaway HERE. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite polish in this post!


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