Subscription Sunday | Top 10 Julep Polishes for Fall

d9ce4c60-cff6-4b02-9569-6b217d02a4d3wallpaperHappy Subscription Sunday! Back in July I shared with you my favorite Julep nail polishes for summer (see that post HERE). Now that it’s getting cooler and September is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to post my top 10 Juleps for fall! If you’re a Julep Maven subscriber like I am, you probably have some of these polishes in your collection already. Get ready to bust out these great polishes again!

IMG_2762First up is Eloise, a dark blue creme polish. Eloise has an amazing formula that applies well and is opaque in two coats. I love how pigmented Eloise is. While this polish is very dark, the blue tone shows up really well. It’s a great alternative to a neutral shade!

IMG_2767My next pick is Helen, what Julep describes as a “smokey lavender creme.” I see Helen as a pink shade, and I sure love it! This polish has a great formula that is opaque in two coats. Plus, it is work appropriate, and quite feminine. Helen is such a classy nail polish, and I can see it paired with cozy sweaters this fall.

IMG_2776Next up is Janel, a raspberry pink metallic polish. Janel also has a great formula and is opaque in two coats. I just love the high gloss finish, and think the metallic sheen is perfect for the fall. I like that it is edgy but girly at the same time. Janel is definitely an underrated Julep polish!

IMG_2783Another Julep that is perfect for fall is Keira, a deep red creme that leans towards purple. Keira has a good formula, but is prone to streaking so careful application is key. Besides that issue, Keira is a great polish. The color is stunning, and the polish is opaque in two coats. I wore this polish at least twice last year, and I’ll be sure to use it this year, too!

IMG_2787Next up is Lisa, a grey creme polish with a hint of green. Lisa has a flawless formula that is opaque in two coats. It is the perfect neutral color, and also works well in nail art! Sometimes I just don’t want loud nails, and Lisa is a great option. It is also work appropriate, and looks quite polished.

IMG_2796 Melissa is next, and is a gorgeous opalescent polish. I got Melissa gifted to me from the blogger My Vanity Basics way back when I first started blogging. Melissa is one of the most popular Julep polishes, and it is stunning! I applied three coats to achieve the look in the photos. I love that this polish reflects every color of the rainbow depending on the light. Melissa is a must have in every polish collection!

IMG_2805Up next is Nikki, a green-yellow creme polish. Nikki doesn’t have the perfect formula, but it is still a really unique color. I applied three coats to achieve opacity. Nikki is definitely a different kind of polish! I think it is great for the fall, and can be layered over a white if you would like a brighter result.

IMG_2813Next up is Nora, one of the suede finish polishes from Julep in a purple color. As you can see, the suede polishes dry to a matte finish, and look just like suede fabric! Formula wise, Nora is a great polish. I applied two coats to achieve opacity. If you love matte finishes, Nora is definitely a great one! It’s so pretty for the fall.

IMG_2816My next pick is Piper, a mint green metallic polish. Piper has a great formula, but it is a bit sheer. I need three coats for an opaque finish. I got Piper in my August Julep Maven Box last year, and it is such a great transitional polish from summer to fall. I love anything mint green, and Piper is no exception!

IMG_2825Last but not least is Raegan, a pink creme polish. I absolutely love pink cremes, and I feel like they are always in season. Raegan is truly the perfect bright pink, and the formula is fabulous as well. I could wear this polish on a daily basis — it’s great for every occasion!

All in all, I hope you found this post helpful! I love Julep nail polishes, and I’ve acquired so many since I’ve become a Maven that I try to reuse them all the time. I highly suggest joining the Julep Maven subscription program if you are not a member already. It is only $19.95 per month for a mix of nail polishes and beauty products, and the best part is you can skip any month you do not want to purchase. Julep also offers great discount codes and sales all the time. In fact, you can get your first Maven box for free with code FREEBOX at checkout HERE. You’ll just have to pay for shipping, but this is a fabulous deal!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite Julep polish is for fall!

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