HeadBlade Razor | Made for Man, but Great for Woman!


Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is a first here at Adventures in Polishland – we’re talking about about something cool that is made for men! Now while most of us ladies shave our legs on a regular basis, we usually stick to the aisle at the drugstore with pink razors and floral scented shaving creams. Normal, right? Well, when I heard about an innovative product being sold at Duane Reade stores here in New York, I was definitely intrigued. HeadBlade is a razor that was created to make it easier for a guy to shave his head. I have no interest in getting rid of my long locks, but it turns out HeadBlade can also be used on legs. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and shopped in the men’s aisle at the store. Let me share my shopping experience with you!

#DRHeadBlade #cbias #shop#DRHeadBlade #cbias #shopI shopped for the HeadBlade at the Duane Reade location on Broadway and Houston Street in New York. As soon as I headed to the store’s lower level, I found the section I needed! Let me be honest – I was a bit embarrassed to be shopping for a men’s razor and shaving cream, but I got over that and picked up the items! You can read more about my shopping experience over on my Google+ Page!

#DRHeadBlade #cbias #shop As you can see, the HeadBlade Razor is so cool! It is basically a little, wheeled car. The razor itself contains four blades, and the head is interchangeable. I also grabbed the HeadSlick Shave Cream. I don’t typically use shave cream, but I was definitely up for testing these out together.

#DRHeadBlade #cbias #shopI’m happy to report that I had a great shaving experience using both the HeadBlade Razor and the HeadSlick Shave Cream. The razor is so easy to hold because of its rubber finger grips, and it glides easily along the leg thanks to the wheels. I love that the  razor’s head is flexible as well, so it moves along the curves of the body to get all that hair. As for the shave cream, I found it had a very good consistency – not too thick, not too runny. It is more of an oily texture, and has no scent (which I really appreciated!). And, to be frank, it was a bit fun using a car to shave my legs!

All in all, I’m so glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried out the HeadBlade. I’m now wondering what other products are made for men, but great for women as well! If you’re on the hunt for a new razor, I would definitely check out HeadBlade. The razor retails for $13.99 and the shave cream is $6.99 here in New York. Not only will your legs be smooth and hair-free, but maybe the man in your life can use it, too! You can find more information on the HeadBlade website HERE, and feel free to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Let me know what you think in the comments – would you ever buy the HeadBlade? Are there any “men” products that you like to use?


  1. Lisa Heath says:

    Very different! I’d be scared my son would think it’s a toy though! We keep things like this out of his reach, but since he’s almost as tall as me that gets tougher and tougher

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      That’s a good point! I don’t think of these things, but I guess it would just need to be put away carefully.

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