Halloween Week | Easy Pumpkin Nails with Zoya Nail Polish

Happy Tuesday! One of my favorite parts of Halloween and the fall season in general is all of the delicious pumpkin foods. If it’s pumpkin flavored, I will try it! I thought it would be fun to showcase pumpkins on my nails, so I put together a simple manicure to show homage to the pumpkin. I grabbed three polishes from my Zoya collection, and got to work!

IMG_3185 IMG_3188How cute are my little pumpkins?! I know they aren’t perfect, but I like them just the same. To create this look, I started off with Zoya Flynn as a neutral base. Then, I chose Zoya Amy for the pumpkins to give them a bit of added dimension and sparkle. I carefully painted a rounded arc on my nails to get that look. Last but not least, I added a stem and leaf to each pumpkin using Zoya Hunter. Finish up with any glossy top coat and you are all set to wait for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin in your local pumpkin patch!

IMG_3186If you are looking to add some pumpkin flair to your nails this season, try out this simple look! Feel free to post a photo of the completed product on my Facebook page so I can see how yours turned out. To shop for the Zoya Nail Polishes that I used in this post, head over to the Zoya website HERE. Stay tuned for more great manicures during Halloween Week!

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