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Happy Saturday! Today’s post goes back to the roots of Adventures in Polishland. I created this blog after discovering a ton of amazing nail art designs on Pinterest, and wanted to try them out and share the result with all of you. While I’ve mainly rerouted into product reviews, my new goal is to add in more nail art tips and tricks. After all, my adventures would be incomplete without some fun DIY manicures! First up, I’m conquering scratch art nails!

IMG_3446To create a scratch art manicure, inspired by THIS Pin, grab the following materials:

IMG_3205First, use your three colored polishes to paint some abstract designs on your nails. Anything will do, and you don’t have to be perfect. This will be mainly covered up with black nail polish, so don’t worry about clean lines. They most important part is making sure your polish dries thoroughly before continuing.

IMG_3208Once your polish is completely dry, take the striping tape and apply it to your nails in any design you want. I made four stripes on each nail, but you can change it up. After applying the tape, paint over it with your black nail polish and carefully peel off the striping tape while the polish is still wet. Repeat on each nail.

IMG_3210 IMG_3212Here is my completed manicure! I absolutely love the final result! Finish up with a glossy top coat to even out the layers, and you are good to go. Not only is this manicure so easy to create, but it looks really cool. Your friends will be really impressed with your nails! Plus, the look can easily be customized using your personal favorite colors and any designs you choose. The possibilities are endless!

All in all, I hope you liked my scratch art manicure! I plan on creating more Pinspiration posts on Adventures in Polishland. Have a request? Leave it in the comments or email it to me at

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