Dare to Compare | BeautyBlender vs Rickycare Original 3D Blender

Happy Saturday! Adventures in Polishland is dedicated to everything fabulous and affordable, but I’m also for splurging on products that are great quality. When I first heard about the BeautyBlender, also known as the $20 makeup sponge, I didn’t understand the hype. Instead of dropping some serious cash, I went to my local Ricky’s NYC store and picked up what I thought was a BeautyBlender dupe. To my surprise, I received the real deal in a PopSugar MustHave Box, and after months of testing (seriously!) I’m ready to answer the question: is the BeautyBlender worth the money?

BeautyBlender Comparison

What: BeautyBlender

How Much: $19.95 [BUY]

Attributes: The BeautyBlender is as soft as can be. It can be used wet or dry, and applies liquid foundation with ease. Oh, and it’s hot pink!

Rickycare Original 3D Blender

What: Rickycare Original 3D Blender

How Much: $8.00 [BUY]

Attributes: The Rickycare sponge is dense and firm. It’s texture is nice for evenly distributing makeup, however it absorbs product and is difficult to clean.



Rickycare Original 3D Blender versus the BeautyBlender Rickycare Original 3D Blender versus the BeautyBlender


Rickycare Original 3D Blender versus the BeautyBlender


  • Size/Shape – When dry, the BeautyBlender and Rickycare Blender are identical in size and shape.
  • Durability – Both the BeautyBlender and Rickycare Blender are long-lasting products that have not yet shown signs of wear (besides discoloration).


  • Size/Shape – When wet, the BeautyBlender absorbs more water, and is slightly larger than the Rickycare Blender.
  • Texture – The BeautyBlender is very soft to the touch while the Rickycare Blender is much more firm.
  • Application – The BeautyBlender applies makeup very well by distributing it evenly and transferring product onto the face. The Rickycare Blender applies makeup very well, but a lot more product is needed since it absorbs makeup.
  • Cleanliness – The BeautyBlender does not stain as much as the Rickycare Blender.
  • Experience – I personally prefer the feel of the BeautyBlender on my skin rather than the Rickycare Blender, as it is much softer.


You may have guessed it, but the BeautyBlender is absolutely worth the money! The Rickycare Original 3D Blender is still a good product, and if $19.95 is out of the question for you, definitely spend the $8.00. However, I would highly recommend investing in a BeautyBlender. It will last you a very long time (I see no signs of wear in mine), and it makes all the difference in my daily makeup routine. I know it sounds silly that this is a $20 sponge, but once you’ve tried it you will understand the hype! I also recommend the BlenderCleanser to clean your BeautyBlender. Both products can be purchased at Sephora HERE.

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  1. Franken Femme says:

    I have been curious about these! I use a makeup brush to buff in my foundation and now I wonder how a buffing brush would measure up to the BeautyBlenders? Thanks!

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      I recently tried a foundation brush, and it is nothing compared to the BeautyBlender! I found the brush streaky, while the sponge is very airbrushed. I highly recommend it!

  2. Renu says:

    I can’t live without the Beautyblender. The dupes don’t work for me – I make mistakes, I’m clumsy. The original never lets me make mistakes. And I’ve been using mine since May end and it’s still going strong. I’ve just been trying out the Beautyblender Detailers makeup brushes and they’re as amazing as the Beautyblender itself! No more applicators needed for anything!

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