Deck Your Legs with Duane Reade Hosiery this Holiday! #DRPartyLegs

CB-sponsored-post-black-600Happy Wednesday! Today I’m excited to share with you some fashion looks for upcoming holiday parties. Up until now you’ve been rushing around buying gifts, decorating, and not spending one moment to yourself. If you’re in need of some last minute outfit ideas, I’ve got you covered! Back in October, I discovered that Duane Reade sells an amazing line of tights. If you’re a girl on the go much like myself, stop by your local DR Hosiery department and grab some tights! Let me show you the outfits I put together for the holidays!

#DRPartyLegs #shop #cbiasBefore I headed to the store, I rummaged through my closet to find some outfit inspiration. When I had a couple dresses picked out, I knew that I wanted some heavy tights and something a bit more fancy. As always, Duane Reade was stocked up with all different kinds of tights from which I could choose. Just look at the hosiery department! (Don’t mind the boxes on the right, my store is remodeling!).

#DRPartyLegs #shop #cbiasOutfit 1 – Office Party

#DRPartyLegs #shop #cbias

Thick, Ribbed Tights


#DRPartyLegs #shop #cbiasFirst up is an outfit that I created with an office holiday party in mind. I began with a maroon dress that has faux leather detailing, added some black pumps, and, of course, some DR Legwear! In this look, my tights are a thick, ribbed material. It’s difficult to tell from the photographs, but they are quite textured and warm. I would say they are one step away from leggings. To finish off the look, I grabbed a simple, black blazer from my closet as well. I always err on the conservative side when it comes to fancier events, and in the winter it’s always safe to dress in layers!

Outfit 2 – Cute and Casual

#DRPartyLegs #shop #cbias

Bow and Polka Dot Tights

#DRPartyLegs #shop #cbiasIf you’re more of a cute and casual girl like me, this second outfit may be more your style. I began with grabbing a purple dress and black cardigan, and then added on some super cute bow and polka dot tights! I am obsessed with how adorable these tights are, and I think they can dress up any outfit. I also showed this look with both boots and flats – comfortable footwear that still looks put together. If you’re worried about the cold in this outfit, wear a pair of opaque tan tights underneath the patterned ones. No one will know your little secret!

Show Us Your Party Legs Contest!

#DRPartyLegs #shop #cbiasNow that I’ve shown you some holiday outfits using Duane Reade Hosiery, it’s your turn to head to the store and show off your party legs! Duane Reade is hosting a contest on Facebook where you can win some fabulous prizes. Simply go to the “Show Us Your Party Legs” tab on Duane Reade’s Facebook Page HERE to enter!

All in all, I really love all of the tights I’ve tried from the Duane Reade Hosiery line. They fit me really well, and the possibilities are endless with all of the great colors and patterns. Of course, I love that these tights are fabulous and affordable as well! I only spent $16.98 for the tights I showcased in this post. I never thought I would buy and love tights from the drugstore!

What are you wearing for the holidays? Let me know in the comments!



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