Does it Work? | Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish in Kitten Heels

Happy Tuesday! This past Sunday, I shared my February Birchbox with all of you. One of the products was a Ruby Wing Color Changing nail polish. I received another polish from this line in a Birchbox last year, and unfortunately I couldn’t get the polish to change color (see that post HERE). I was excited to try out another in hopes that I could get the color changing effect to work for me. Let me show you what happened this time around!

Ruby Wing – Kitten Heels Ruby Wing – Kitten HeelsKitten Heels is a gorgeous, bright pink creme polish. It has a great formula, and is opaque in two coats. I truly love the color! But, as you can guess by me only showing one shade, this polish just didn’t change colors! According to the label, Kitten Heels is supposed to change to a red when I go outside. I was outside in direct sunlight for several minutes on different days and never saw any type of change in this polish. Part of me wonders if it is my body chemistry that is preventing this polish from changing color. I’ve noticed others on Instagram aren’t having issues, so I either got a bad bottle, or it’s just me!

While I am disappointed that I didn’t get the color changing effect to work, I still love the color of Kitten Heels. It has a great formula, and I’ll still wear it for sure. Please let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of the Ruby Wing Color Changing polishes and if they’ve worked for you. You can purchase the full size bottle of Kitten Heels on the Birchbox website HERE.


  1. Cameo K. says:

    Did you use top coat? I’ve had every solar polish I’ve tried not change when I used top coat, as many TCs seem to have something to block UV rays.

  2. Leah says:

    I had the same problem with this color. I own many other Ruby Wings polishes and I’ve never had this problem before. Maybe it was a bad batch. :/

  3. Lawrinda says:

    I had the same issue! I received kitten heels in my Birchbox and was excited to use it for the color changing affect. The color did not change at all! I was on an 8 day cruise and in the sun all day long and it stayed the same color the entire time 🙁

  4. Ella says:

    I bought a full-sized bottle and so sad that it didn’t change color! I started to search reviews and saw that this happens quite a lot…

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