Feel Beautiful this Allergy Season with Duane Reade and Poncho!

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Happy Saturday! As I write this, we are enjoying a sunny day here in NYC! The only bad news? Spring weather brings those nasty allergies. A runny nose, scratchy throat, and watery eyes is enough to make you feel miserable and look a bit disheveled. I decided to take the bull by the horns this allergy season and make sure I look and feel good even with the high pollen counts. Let me tell you the tools I use to feel beautiful during allergy season!

Poncho Weather App

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The first tool I’ve been using this allergy season is a new weather app called Poncho. This is a free app (sign up HERE), and it’s specifically for the New York City area. What I really love about this app is that you can customize the settings to fit your lifestyle, such as when you get weather updates, how you want to get updates, and (of course) whether or not you have allergies! If you mention you have allergies, Poncho will let you know the pollen count every day, and for each day that the pollen count is high, it sends you a $3 off coupon to go grab some allergy medicine! How awesome is that?! Here’s what today’s Poncho forecast looks like –

#DRAllergy #CollectiveBias #shopI find the pollen counts really helpful, since I only take my allergy medicine on the medium or high days. Speaking of allergy medicine, that’s my next tool!

Allegra Allergy at Duane Reade

#DRAllergy #CollectiveBias #shop

#DRAllergy #CollectiveBias #shop

As soon as allergy season hit, I ran to Duane Reade with my Allegra coupon from Poncho in hand. I needed some relief ASAP! The pharmacy at my local Duane Reade is on the lower level, so I headed down the escalator, and spotted the purple Allegra packaging right away. I picked up a 30-tablet pack of the non-drowsy, 24-hour formula for indoor and outdoor allergies. I began taking Allegra the very next day, and I feel so much better!

#DRAllergy #CollectiveBias #shop I am so thankful for both Poncho and Duane Reade – my allergy season saviors! I’ve felt much better than usual this allergy season, because Poncho really helps me stay prepared for the day to come. I highly recommend getting this app, and if you’d like to read more information about it, check out this Mashable article. If you suffer from allergies, let me know how you stay feeling beautiful during allergy season in the comments! I’d love to know your tricks!

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