Milani Limited Edition Bella Blue Collection | Nails, Eyes, & Lips!

Happy Saturday! Today I’m excited to bring you a post featuring the limited edition Bella Blue Collection from Milani Cosmetics. I usually keep my makeup simple and natural, but I stepped outside of my comfort zone to test out some blue mascaras and even (gasp!) a blue lipstick! Let me go ahead and show you the Bella Blue Collection!

Milani Bella Blue Collection


Milani – Bella BlueMilani – Bella BlueLet’s begin with the nail polish in this collection! Bella Blue is a blackened-blue polish that is packed with crystal-like blue glitters. It has a great formula that is opaque in two coats, and looks super rock ‘n roll! I wouldn’t think of this as a standard summer polish, but I love the edgy look it has. I also got compliments while wearing it! Bella Blue is definitely a hit for me in the nail polish department.


Milani Bella Blue Mascaras

There are also three blue-toned mascaras in this collection! Each is a bit different, so let’s take a closer look.

Milani – Bella BlueBella Blue is the first mascara, and it is a metallic, ocean blue with hints of blue and purple glitters. The formula is good, but does tend to clump up due to its metallic nature. I also found that the curl on this one is not strong on its own, so you may want to curl your lashes in advance of applying Bella Blue. As you can see, the color is definitely pigmented! I also think this shade looks amazing with my skin tone!

Milani – Mediterranean Blue Next up is my favorite of the mascaras, Mediterranean Blue. This mascara is more of a teal shade, and does not contain any glitter whatsoever. The formula is great, and very pigmented. Feel free to layer Mediterranean Blue over a black mascara if you don’t want the color to be as vivid.

Milani – Azure Last but not least is Azure, a light blue packed with opalescent sparkle. I like that the formula on Azure still applies well, and that the glitter isn’t too “disco ball.” Instead, you get a nice glimmer when the sun hits your lashes, but it’s not too noticeable otherwise. The color payoff of Azure is similar to Mediterranean Blue, but is definitely more cool-toned.


Milani – Bella BlueMilani – Bella BlueThe final product in the Bella Blue Collection is a blue lipstick of the same name. I really like the clear packaging of this lipstick, and I was amazed when I discovered that it smells just like cinnamon rolls! Seriously, it smells amazing! I was a bit nervous to try Bella Blue, but found that I actually liked the color. It is a metallic lipstick, and looks like a bluish-purple on my lips. The formula is light and creamy, but I find that it’s not opaque and I struggled to get a clean edge. I tried Bella Blue over lip primer and with a lip liner, but it actually looks best on its own. I just wish it was opaque! What do you think?!

All in all, I think the Bella Blue Collection from Milani is super fun for summer! I, of course, love the nail polish, and the mascaras are great for a pop of color in any makeup look. You can find the Bella Blue Collection at select Walgreens, Kmart, and Fred Meyer stores this summer. Make sure to look for the limited edition displays before these products sell out!

The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 


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