Save or Splurge | White Nail Polish

Happy Wednesday! Here at Adventures in Polishland, I always love to let you know how to get the most fabulous and affordable nails. While it’s nice to splurge on occasion, I only like to spend the big bucks when it’s absolutely necessary, so I thought I would review two white nail polishes to let you know if you should splurge or save. A white polish is definitely a needed staple in every nail polish collection. Whether you’re wearing it alone, under glitter, or in a nail art look, white will always come in handy. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get a white polish with a perfect formula. I’ve tried at least half a dozen white polishes, and most of them are extremely streaky. Let me go ahead and show you my two favorite white polishes, both at opposite ends of the price spectrum.

Save or Splurge | White Nail PolishThe two polishes that I’ll be comparing for you are LVX Fantom ($16.00) and SinfulColors Snow Me White ($1.99).

LVX Fantom I’ve loved LVX Fantom since I first tried it out. The formula is very good. It does tend to be a bit splotchy, but it evens out to a flawless finish in two to three coats. I’ve used it several times both on its own and in nail art. It’s never done me wrong!

SinfulColors Snow Me WhiteI also picked up SinfulColors Snow Me White at the drugstore because I wanted to see if there was an affordable white that I could recommend to all of you. I’m happy to report that this polish has a good formula as well. It is definitely prone to streaking, and has a bit of a tacky feeling, but it looks just great with two coats.

Save or Splurge | White Nail Polish Save or Splurge | White Nail Polish

Here are LVX Fantom and SinfulColors Snow Me White side by side. LVX can be seen on the pinky and index fingers, with SinfulColors on the middle and pointer fingers. As you can see, there is no visible difference between these polishes at all. In fact, I would be 100% comfortable wearing this as a complete manicure!

All in all, my final verdict is that you can definitely save here, and purchase the SinfulColors Snow Me White as your go-to white polish. While I do prefer the LVX formula a bit more, it is definitely not worth the price tag if you’re on a budget. I will mention that LVX is often on sale on HauteLook for 50% off, so be on the lookout for added savings. In addition, drugstores like Walgreens and Rite Aid have sales on SinfulColors as well, so there is always an opportunity to rock fabulous and affordable nails!

Do you have a go-to white nail polish? Let me know what it is in the comments!


  1. Katherine says:

    I used to use SC Snow Me White but the formula got really thick on me after a few uses. I switched to Sally Hansen’s White On from the Xtreme Wear line after that and it’s such a great white! For going under nail art or glitter you can pretty much get away with one coat, it’s amazing.

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      I’m glad you found a great white! Snow Me White’s formula is definitely tacky for me, but still great even after a few months of testing it out. With the cheaper drugstore polishes I often find a great deal of difference with the formulas.

  2. Cindi says:

    I use Sally Hansen’s White On a lot. Another favorite is Milani White On The Spot. I prefer them both to OPI Alpine Snow. I will have to try SinfulColors Snow Me White too. I love SC polishes.

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