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Happy Friday! Today I have the second installment in my review of the new Milani Color Statement Nail Laquer line. This post features all of the pinks and purples in the collection, which are some of my personal favorites. If you would like to see the other polishes in this line, use the toolbar at the top of this post. Once all of the reviews are live, each category will be linked! Let me jump right into the pinks and purples!

Milani – Doll Face Milani – Doll FaceFirst up is Doll Face, a pastel pink with blue undertones. Doll Face has a great formula that is opaque in two coats. I’m absolutely loving how this polish looks with my skin tone. For a pastel shade, Doll Face is quite pigmented, which I really like. It’s definitely a wonderful pink!

Milani – Bombshell Milani – Bombshell

Next up is Bombshell, a bubblegum pink that is brighter than Doll Face. Bombshell also has a great formula that is opaque in two coats. If you’re looking for a true pink polish I recommend Bombshell for sure. It’s also a shade that can be worn in any season.

Milani – Cupcake Icing Milani – Cupcake Icing

Cupcake Icing is an orchid pink with undertones of purple. This polish applied like a dream in two coats, and is such a gorgeous shade. Not only do I love the name Cupcake Icing, but I love this polish on me! I can also see this color looking beautiful on darker skin tones as well.

Milani – Hot Pink Rage Milani – Hot Pink Rage

The last pink is also my favorite, and it is Hot Pink Rage. This hot pink polish is an amazing bright color with a flawless formula. I applied two coats in the photos above, and I loved it so much I posted it to Instagram right away. If you only get one pink from this new line, make it Hot Pink Rage!

Milani – Imperial Violet Milani – Imperial Violet Now onto the purples, and we start with lilac shade Imperial Purple! Imperial Purple is a beautiful polish that is opaque in two coats. I always like this shade of polish, and this one has a great formula. While not a unique polish, it’s still great that Milani included Imperial Purple in its new line.

Milani – Bright Purple Milani – Bright Purple Next up is Ultra Violet, a bright purple polish with magenta and purple shimmer. Ultra Violet has a good formula that is opaque in two coats. I love how vivd the shimmer stands out against the base with this polish. I’ll definitely pull this one out during the colder months.

Milani – Sugar Plum Milani – Sugar PlumSugar Plum is also a shimmer polish, but it is more of a fuchsia purple than Ultra Violet. The shimmer is not as strong on the nails with Sugar Plum, but it’s still beautiful when the light hits it just right. Sugar Plum does have a really good formula that is opaque in two coats. I don’t think I have another polish like it in my collection!

Milani – Mauving Forward Milani – Mauving Forward Next is Mauving Forward, the perfect mauve creme polish with purple undertones. Growing up, I really disliked mauve when it came to nails and makeup, but I’m actually loving Mauving Forward! Its formula is perfect, it’s opaque in two coats, and it’s professional and classy. What more could you want?!

Milani – Lovely Amethyst Milani – Lovely Amethyst Last but not least is Lovely Amethyst, a metallic amethyst polish. Lovely Amethyst’s formula is a little tricky to work with, as metallic finishes often tend to bunch up. I suggest careful painting with thin coats to avoid issues. I’m personally not a fan of metallic polishes, but Lovely Amethyst is a beautiful shade. If you’re a February baby, grab this one!

All in all, I’m really impressed with the pinks and purples in the new Milani Color Statement line. There is a good range of shades from which to choose, and the formulas on nearly all of them are spot on. Make sure to check your local CVS store to grab these fabulous and affordable polishes for just $3.99 each. You can also buy them directly from Milani’s website HERE. Stay tuned as the series continues with the blues and greens!

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