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Happy Sunday! It’s time for the third installment of my Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer series. Today I have all of the greens and blues in the new line to share with you. Unfortunately, there are only two green shades in the collection, which I find very disappointing because green nail polish is one of my favorites! Nonetheless, I have some beautiful polishes to show you today. Plus, don’t forget to use the toolbar at the top of this post to see the other polishes in this new line.

Milani – Mint CrushMilani – Mint CrushFirst up is Mint Crush, a pastel mint polish. Milani describes this as a mint green, but I’m seeing a lot of blue undertones in this polish. Let me know if you see this as green or blue in the comments! Mint Crush has a thin formula, and I needed three coats to get an even and opaque finish. The color is definitely beautiful.

Milani – Tattle Teal Milani – Tattle TealThe other green shade in the line is Tattle Teal, a beautiful teal creme that has an amazing formula. This polish glided on like butter, and looks stunning. I love how pigmented Tattle Teal is. I also think it’s perfect for the fall!

Milani – Water Front Milani – Water FrontThe first of the blues is Water Front, a highly pigmented sky blue creme. Water Front has a great formula that is opaque in two coats. It does remind me of a few other polishes in my collection, but it’s definitely a beautiful polish.

Milani – Peri-Wink Milani – Peri-WinkNext up is Peri-Wink, a gorgeous periwinkle blue polish with undertones of purple. Peri-Wink has a slight, holographic shimmer running throughout the base, and is just a dainty polish. The formula is flawless, and opaque in two coats. Peri-Wink reminds me of twinkling snow!

Milani – Blue Print Milani – Blue PrintBlue Print is next, and one of my favorites in the entire Color Statement line. It is a deep, royal blue with the perfect formula. Blue Print is opaque in two coats, and just looks amazing. I am a sucker for blue polishes like this one, and actually wear them quite often.

Milani – Ink Spot Milani – Ink SpotLast but not least is Ink Spot, a navy polish that appears nearly black. Ink Spot has a good formula, but I definitely needed two coats to even out the first, which was quite streaky. I personally like my navy polishes to have more blue pigmentation, but if you’re looking for an off-black type of shade, Ink Spot is for you!

All in all, I am really liking the blues and greens in the new Milani Color Statement line. Blue Print is beyond amazing, and Peri-Wink is just beautiful. I do wish there were more green shades, but perhaps Milani will expand the line in the future. You can purchase these polishes at your local CVS store for just $3.99 each, or on Milani’s website HERE. Stay tuned for even more Milani reviews!

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