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Happy Monday! You’ve now seen all of the new nail polish shades in the Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer line, but I saved the Quick Dry Top Coat for last. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect top coat, especially one that is fabulous and affordable. I made sure to thoroughly test out the Quick Dry Top Coat so I could let you know if it’s worth the buy, even at just $3.99. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the top coat!

Milani – Quick Dry Top Coat Milani – Quick Dry Top CoatThe Quick Dry Top Coat stays true to its name – the formula is amazing, glides on with ease, and dries really quickly! I really love the high gloss finish, and appreciate how fast this top coat dries. I’m wearing it over Hot Pink Rage in the photos above, and I think it looks like I got a professional manicure done! You can also see the sizable dent I’ve made in this bottle already. I’ve been testing it a lot for all of you!

I wore this top coat for two manicures, one with a Milani polish and one with another brand, to see how it lasted. Unfortunately, with both manicures I got tip wear on the second day of wear, and chipping on the third day of wear. Once the polish starts chipping, it doesn’t stop either! So while the Quick Dry Top Coat is perfect if you’re rushing out the door and need your nails dry, it’s not a long-lasting top coat. In that sense, I would only recommend it if you are looking for that high gloss finish.

All in all, I’m a bit disappointed that the Quick Dry Top Coat does not preserve my manicure for longer than a few days. I do love how fast it dries and how the finish looks on my nails, though. In that way, it’s definitely up to you to decide if the Quick Dry Top Coat fits your needs. If you change your nail polish as often as I do, this might be a great option for you! You can purchase this top coat at your local CVS store, or directly from Milani’s website HERE. In the comments, let me know if you’d buy this top coat!

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  1. Alexa says:

    I do change my polish a ton, but when I’m using cheap fast dry top coat that doesn’t last super long, I just go with the NYC In A New York Minute. I’m actually on day 3 of my mani (kinda a long time for me) and only have minor tip wear. And it’s $0.99 a bottle!

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