Dare to Compare | Julep Nina vs Zoya Arizona

Happy Thursday! If you’ve Liked my Facebook Page, you’ll know that I’ve begun a new project dubbed The Great Polish Destash. I will be moving at some point this year, so I want to go through my entire nail polish collection and get rid of polishes that I no longer want or need. My first step was to roughly organize my polishes by color, and now I’m going through those color families to find any dupes (aka duplicates). I decided to start with the organges, since I only had 20 orange polishes before I started my destash. Julep Nina and Zoya Arizona looked nearly identical in the bottle, so I had to test them out side by side to see how they compare.Dare to Compare | Julep Nina vs Zoya Arizona

Julep – NinaFirst up is Julep Nina, a bright orange creme that dries to a satin finish. Nina is opaque in three coats, and has a tacky formula. I do love the color and the finish, but the formula is a bit difficult.

Zoya – Arizona Next up is Zoya Arizona. This is also a bright orange creme, but it dries to a glossy finish. The formula is good, but a bit thin so I needed three coats for opacity. I got this cute mini size in a promotion Zoya did a while back. In fact, my friend Princess Polish made a bulk order and included this in it for me.

Julep Nina vs Zoya Arizona Julep Nina vs Zoya Arizona Here are side-by-side swatches of Julep Nina and Zoya Arizona. Nina is on my pinky and ring fingers, with Arizona on my middle and pointer fingers. I can barely tell any difference at all between the two! Because these polishes are nearly identical, I knew it would be safe to destash one of them. I considered formula as the biggest deciding factor, and decided to keep…. Zoya Arizona! The glossy finish and smooth formula truly won me over!

All in all, while both Nina and Arizona are great, bright orange polishes, there is no need to have both in my collection. If you’re looking for an orange, I definitely recommend Zoya Arizona. Not only is it more affordable at $9 versus Julep’s $14 price tag, but it’s got a great formula. With Halloween around the corner, you’ll want this shade for your pumpkin nail art!

Do you have a favorite orange?! Let me know what it is in the comments!


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