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Happy Subscription Sunday! Today I’m super excited to tell you all about a new monthly subscription that I tried for this first time this month. I recently heard about Wardrobe Wakeup through YouTuber TheStylesMeow (see her channel HERE), and signed up to see what I thought of the program! This is the first time I’ve tested out a fashion service, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Let me tell you all about Wardrobe Wakeup, and make sure you stay tuned for an exclusive coupon code at the end!


Wardrobe Wakeup | Review + Coupon CodeAdventures in Polishland is all about fabulous and affordable living, so when I heard Wardrobe Wakeup gives budget friendly women a chance to wear designer labels I knew I had to check it out. Wardrobe Wakeup is a monthly fashion subscription that sends you a high-end, contemporary piece each month based on a style survey that you take upon signing up. This is a fashion rental service, so you don’t get to keep the garment you’re sent, but you do get to wear it as often as you’d like before sending it back at the end of the month. Plus, if you really like a piece, you can purchase it for up to 90% off the retail price. So, how much does it cost? There are three different plans from which to choose – for $25 you get one top each month, for $45 you get one dress per month, or you can alternate between a top and a dress for $35.

I signed up for the mid-range subscription at $35 per month to test out the program. What I really like about the style survey is that you get to let Wardrobe Wakeup know about where you’ll be wearing the clothes, what colors and styles you like, and even your favorite designers. The best part is, each Wardrobe Wakeup member is assigned a personal stylist! Mine messaged me back not even an hour after I contacted her, and she was able to answer all of my questions! I’m really impressed with the customer service!


Joie Aruna Silk Ikat Top | Wardrobe Wakeup
Joie Aruna Silk Ikat Top | Wardrobe Wakeup

This month I got a beautiful top from the brand Joie called the Aruna Silk Ikat Top. It is a tank top cut with a slight high-low hem, and has a nice blue and white pattern. This top retails for $178.00, which is WAY out of my price range. I’m so glad I got to wear it, though, because it is just perfect for me right now! It is still rather hot in New York City, so a tank top was awesome to receive. I knew I could dress this top up or down, but I decided to make it a casual outfit with jeans and flats. Because my school’s air conditioning is always on full blast, I layered a simple black cardigan on top. The Joie top is definitely a statement piece, so I kept the other pieces I was wearing pretty basic.

As for the fit, I think it was spot on. This top is designed to be flowy, and I think a size down would have been too small on me (I’m wearing a medium). I’ve never worn a Joie piece before, and thought this top was comfortable and easy-to-wear. I think I might wear it again before I send it back!

MY FINAL THOUGHTSJoie Top from Wardrobe Wakeup

All in all, I think Wardrobe Wakeup is a great subscription service if you love fashion and want to wear designed clothing at an affordable price. One of the main benefits is being able to wear trendy items without having to invest in them. Plus, you can wear the piece as many times as you want before sending it back to Wardrobe Wakeup – you don’t have to pay for the return shipping or even wash the garment because the company takes care of that for you! While the monthly price is a bit steep for a piece of clothing you don’t get to keep, Wardrobe Wakeup is perfect if your fashion identity is always changing. I’m going to see what I think of next month’s dress before I decide whether or not to continue on with this service in the long run!

Finally, I reached out to Wardrobe Wakeup and asked if there were any current promotions or coupon codes I could share with all of you. They created a special coupon code just for my followers! Use code AIP10OFF to receive $10 off your first month. Just sign up HERE and enter the code on the first page to redeem the offer. Make sure to support this new subscription service on social media as well! They have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so go follow! Of course, let me know what you think of Wardrobe Wakeup in the comments!


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