’50s Sock Hop Nails | Easy Halloween Tutorial

Happy Saturday! I got a great response from my last Halloween nail tutorial (see it HERE) that I decided to create another one! Growing up, one of my favorite Halloween costumes was a ’50s inspired Sock Hop outfit. My mom sewed me a custom poodle skirt and black bolero, and I was ready to rock to some doo-wop tunes! If you’re going to don this classic outfit idea on Halloween, I’ve got just the nails for you. Plus, stay tuned to find out how to take this manicure from ’50s Sock Hop to Punk Rock in one easy step!

'50s Sock Hop Nails | Adventures in PolishlandAll you need to create this look is a pink nail polish, black nail polish, dotting tool, and nail art brush. Start with a pink base, and let that dry. Then draw a straight line on your pointer finger using a nail art brush for the G-clef. Use the dotting tools to create the noteheads in any way you choose. Now comes the tricky part! Carefully draw on the rest of your G-clef and the stems for your notes. It’s okay if the lines aren’t perfect – mine aren’t! Finally, let your manicure dry and follow up with a glossy top coat.

Here are the exact products that I used in this tutorial, but feel free to use what’s in your stash!

  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Fuchsia Flare [BUY]
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Tarred [BUY]
  • Born Pretty Store Nail Art Brush [BUY] (10% off with code FZL91)
  • Dragonpad Dotting Tools [BUY]

Punk Rock Nails | Adventures in PolishlandIf you’re going for more of a Punk Rock costume this year, simply add a black and white glitter polish on top of the already existing manicure! That will add some pizazz to your nails and give the look a bit more of an edge. I used Milani in Sprinkles, but whatever you own will be great. For even more flare, use some holographic glitter as well!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Halloween nail tutorial! Whether you’re dressing as a ’50s Sock Hop girl or Punk Rocker, this manicure will be sure to add a little something special to your costume. Please let me know what you think in the comments, and let me know if there are any other tutorials you would like to see for Halloween!

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