Sally Hansen Big Glitter Top Coats | Halloween 2014 Collection

Happy Friday! Today I’m continuing my reviews of the Sally Hansen Halloween 2014 Collection with the Big Glitter Top Coats. If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while, you’ll know that I love wearing glitter polishes alone. I decided to see how versatile these Big Glitter polishes are, and swatched them without a base color. Let me show you the sparkly results!

Sally Hansen – Costume Glitters Sally Hansen – Costume GlittersFirst up is Costume Glitters, a golden glitter polish that leans towards a rose gold hue. It contains holographic square glitters, and is just stunning! I applied three coats in the manicure pictured here, and though the look is not opaque I still love the finished product. It’s super sparkly, but I would definitely wear this whether it’s Halloween or not!

Sally Hansen – Dressed to Thrill Sally Hansen – Dressed to ThrillThe other Big Glitter polish in the Halloween line is Dressed to Thrill. This is a silver based glitter polish. Again, I’m wearing three coats and as you can see it just shy of being opaque. If you’re dressing up as a princess, prom queen, or anything along those lines, Dressed to Thrill is a must!

All in all, the Sally Hansen Big Glitter Top Coat polishes are so much fun for Halloween! They can be worn alone or layered to get a customizable look that’s perfect for you. These polishes retail for $5.99 and can be purchased at your local drugstore and department store. Of course, let me know in the comments what you think of these glitters!

The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information. 

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