Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review | Step by Step Photos

Happy Saturday! If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while now, you’ll know that I am a mascara junkie! In the past year or so, I’ve noticed a big trend in the beauty community when it comes to 3D Fiber Lashes. I was contacted by the brand Mia Adora to review its 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, so I decided to go for it and see if it lives up to the hype. Let me go ahead and show you the product and how it works!


Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara ReviewThe Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara comes in a sturdy case with a magnetic closure. I really like how the instructions on how to use the product are clearly printed on the inside of the case. As you can see, this set comes with two tubes – one is the Magnifying Gel and the other is the Natural Fiber Lashes. This product is designed to make your lashes instantly longer and thicker. In fact, the claim is that your lashes will be 300% magnified.


Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara ReviewHere are my lashes in their natural state. Can you see them?! I’m going to apply product on the left eye only so you can see the difference in the photos. Mia Adora also recommends you apply the product one eye at a time.

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara ReviewThe first step is to apply the Magnifying Gel from base to top in 15-20 strokes. This is a black gel that looks and feels like a normal mascara. It separates the lashes and primes them for the fibers.

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara ReviewWhile the Magnifying Gel is still wet, apply 10-15 strokes of the Natural Fiber Lashes from mid-lash to the top. Then, wait about 20 seconds for the fibers to dry.

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara ReviewFinally, apply another 15-20 strokes of the Magnifying Gel. This is designed to lock the fibers into place.

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara ReviewHere is my my finished look with one round of the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. I do think my lashes look nice and full, but the look isn’t different from my normal mascara routine. The only difference is the bit of added length, but I could use some more volume.

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara ReviewMia Adora’s instructions mention that you can repeat Steps 2 and 3 if you want a more dramatic look. I did a second coat of the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara on my left eye so you can see how it compares to one coat. It definitely adds more volume, which I really like. If I were to use this mascara on a regular basis, I would definitely go for a second round of the mascara.


All in all, I think the Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is a good product to own if you have short eyelashes and you really want some added length. It does add some time to your makeup routine, and clean-up is very messy because the fibers go everywhere! Mia Adora does say that this can be worn over your normal mascara for an even more dramatic look, but because this product is $29.95 on Amazon HERE, I wanted to test it alone. I shouldn’t have to purchase an additional product to get my money’s worth! Thus, while I think the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara works, I do not see a 300% magnification in my lashes. I recommend it if you have the money and are looking to test out the product, but I don’t think this is a must have for your beauty routine. My drugstore mascaras get me results that I can enjoy just as much!

Please let me know your thoughts on the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara craze in the comments! Do you love it? Do you want to try it? I want to know!

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