Create Your Own Bingo Nail Art | From Simple to Skillful Designs


Written by: Julie Smalling

Inspiration for nail art designs can sometimes come from the strangest places, from internet browsers to video games, from Marilyn Monroe to Super Mario. It’s amazing what kind of designs people can come up with, and if you ever find yourself inspired by a classic game like bingo, it’s good to know that there are some models that you can look at.

It’s all thanks to the popularization of bingo on the internet, which made it much more accessible to all sorts of people. Although the game had seen a sharp decline in participation after its heyday in the 60s, it’s seen a rapid resurgence in recent years, with the BBC reporting that while there were less than 20 online bingo portals in 2004, there were over 350 in 2013. It has gotten to the point that even the UK’s iTV Network has launched their own bingo portal, and Betfair, a company more known as an online sportsbooker, also entered the online bingo market in 2013. There are various themed bingo games available now, and they offer a whole range of possibilities for your bingo-inspired manicure.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to go above and beyond to create nail art inspired by the classic game. Even though there are now hundreds of different variations of bingo, much of its elements remain the same, and you can draw from these to create your designs.

Most bingo-inspired nail art focuses on the colorful bingo balls that the game has become known for, and you can do the same thing by creating a design that has circles or bubbles. A great example by Courtney Rhodes shows how to make bubble nail art, and with some experiments on color, you can really make an eye-catching design.

(Image Credit: Courtney Rhodes via Flickr Creative Commons)

While bingo balls are a prominent feature of the game, bingo cards are also quite important, and you can draw inspiration from them in two ways. The first is by using their linear patterns in your designs, creating various simple, yet elegant patterns such as the one used by Noel Giger in this golden criss-cross.

(Image Credit: Noel Giger via Flickr Creative Commons)

Another way is by using the classic color themes of these bingo cards. While the bingo balls came in a variety of colors, bingo cards usually came in the same monochromatic colors of black and white. Use these to create great nail art, and maybe add in some circles like Joana Afonso does in this pattern:

(Image Credit: Joana Afonso via Flickr Creative Commons)

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