Softy Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes Review

Happy Saturday! Today I’m here with a different kind of review, but one I’m so excited to share. I’m one of those people who loves to use hand sanitizer on a regular basis. I always have a travel bottle in my purse, and there is a big pump on my desk. It’s so convenient, but it also dries out my hands. I was thus very interested to try Softy wipes. They are individually wrapped hand sanitizing wipes that are alcohol free, but still kill 99.9% of germs. Let me go ahead and share my thoughts on Softy with you!

Softy Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes Review

Softy wipes are individually packaged, and I have to say I love the simple packaging. The wipes are easy to open, too. The wipe itself is very soft and strong. It truly lives up to the Softy name! While the wipes are labeled as having a citrus scent, the scent is very light and fresh.If you have sensitivity to fragrance, I wouldn’t worry, because the scent is barely there. I typically despise citrus smells, but the wipes just smell clean!

Softy Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes ReviewI’m also really impressed with the cleansing experience. The wipe is saturated with enough moisture so that I can feel my hands being cleansed, but my hands dry within seconds. I appreciate that I don’t have to wait for the wet feeling to dissipate! I also love how soft and moisturized my hands feel after using a Softy wipe. Instead of the dry, stinging feeling I typically get with hand sanitizer, my hands feel so smooth and hydrated with Softy. Talk about a win-win!

All in all, I highly recommend Softy Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes! The packets are convenient to throw in your purse or backpack, and are perfect for kids and adults. You can also use Softy wipes to clean surfaces, as well as your hands. A pack of 100 wipes is $19.95 on Amazon HERE. It’s a bit more expensive than liquid sanitizer, but I think it’s worth the price, especially for the quantity of wipes. I will not be running out any time soon!

Please let me know in the comments what you think of Softy wipes! Will you be purchasing them?

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  1. The Jedi Wife says:

    I’ve not tried Softy wipes, but since I have a toddler (and another on the way!), I always keep wipes in my bag. I discovered very quickly that I always ended up needing them when I was unprepared so now I am ALWAYS ready. LOL!

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