Guest Post | Stamping with Zoya Ali and Manna’s Manis


Zoya Ali, a hot pink nail polish

Hello! I’m Manna from Manna’s Manis and I’ll be taking over for Christina today! I have a simple stamping mani that I was proud of to show you guys. Stamping and I typically don’t get along, but after I did this mani, I felt like getting up and doing my happy polish dance!

I could not get a perfect color accurate photo of Zoya Ali to save my life! I don’t know what it is with my camera and pinks/reds, but it won’t cooperate so I usually have to use my phone instead. K on to the stamping..

Products used:

Base: Zoya Ali

Plate: Moyou 08

Stamping polish: MDU Silver

Top coat: Out the Door

Zoya ali with nail stamping nail art
Zoya ali with nail stamping nail art
Zoya ali with nail stamping nail art
How good does it feel to see an entire image on your stamper?! Omg for once I had ZERO issues with stamping.
If you’d like to check me out, I’ve posted some of my social media links below. Thank you Christina for letting me take over for you today 🙂


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What are your favorite stamping plates?

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