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Greetings Adventures in Polishland readers! My name is Emily and my blog is Nail Envy. Today I’m in for Christina while she’s away, so I hope I’m a reasonable substitute! =D

The design I created here is featuring the blobbicure technique. The first time I created a blobbicure, I did it with uncertainty. It was for a nail art challenge, and I had never heard of a blobbicure before. After a Google search, I wasn’t super impressed with how it looked, although the technique did look like it would be fun to try. So I tried to change it up a little by making blobby shapes instead of just blobs. My first blobbicure mani turned out kinda cute, but I managed to dodge the challenge because I wasn’t really a fan of the look.

Well it’s been a while since then, and I’ve seen lots of blobbicures popping up all over the place. I’ve not only been won over to the blobbicure, I’ve been inspired by so many of the designs I’ve seen to create some interesting combos of my own!

Like so many other nail polish addicts, I recently purchased China Glaze’s Electric Nights collection. I’m still finding my way through all of the polishes and all of the combos I want to try, so I decided to use three polishes from this collection: Violet-Vibes, DJ Blue My Mind and Treble Maker. I used some Elmer’s Glue (which I keep in an old nail polish bottle) to coat the skin around the nails of my index and pinky finger. (The glue dries clear, is easily removed and takes all the excess paint off that would have got on your skin.) After the glue dried, I used some pieces of sponge to create a sponged design of the three polishes on those fingers.

Blobbicure Nail Art with Nail Envy

For the blobbicure, I polished Violet-Vibes on my thumb, middle and ring finger, and when the first coat was dry, I put on a thick second coat and quickly blobbed on DJ Blue My Mind and Treble Maker. I waited a while for my blobbed nails to dry since the polish is so thick (about 15 minutes) before I finished my whole mani with a coat of Seche Vite.

Blobbicure Nail Art with Nail Envy

My first official blobbicure is complete! I have more ideas of other combos to try, and can’t wait to do another and see if I can perfect this technique. If you haven’t created a blobbicure yet, you should give it a try!


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