Guest Post | Indie Manicure with Born for a Storm featuring Elevation Polish + Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer

Today’s guest post comes from Born for a Storm! Thank you for sharing!

I wanted to take a minute to post a really gorgeous manicure today! Elevation Polish El Cap 2 and Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer You’re Def My Bra.

Julie of Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer knows how to pick ’em. And make ’em. She picked out this beautiful Elevation to start with. She’s an Elevation connoisseur so I trust her judgement for sure. Then, she MADE this glitter just to go with this polish! That’s incredible. This combination is truly stunning, as you’re about to see…

I MEAN REALLY. The Elevation is a stunning periwinkle with a strong flash. The BEGL is a periwinkle microglitter, which is just so exciting to me… mostly because I’ve been pestering Julie for periwinkle everything lately. I’m wearing one coat of the BEGL over two coats of the Elevation with base and top coat on everything. (With microglitters I add a coat of Gelous before my topcoat to make it extra smooth!)

The macro doesn’t disappoint.

This beautiful BEGL was a gift (and cannot be purchased at this time)! You should definitely check out her shop for other gorgeous polishes, though! If you are interested in Elevation, I highly recommend the brand.


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