Huge Makeup Destash! | How to Clean Out Your Beauty Collection

Happy Saturday! I recently went through my entire makeup collection and decided to get rid of a lot of products. My main focus was throwing away things that were expired, but I also tossed products that I never use and couldn’t be given away to a friend. I’m moving in about two months, so the less I have to pack the better. I thought it would be fun to quickly show you all of the products I destashed, and share some tips on how I choose to get rid of things!

Huge Makeup Destash! | Adventures in PolishlandHere you can see the big box of products I decided to let go. I’ll show you the products by type so you can get a better idea of what I threw away, but I won’t mention each product specifically (that would take a long time!). Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments about a specific product!


Eye Products | Huge Makeup Destash!The easiest place to start with any beauty destash is with your eye products. Mascaras should be thrown away after three to four months of use. I regularly toss the mascaras I use on a daily basis, but colored mascaras tend to stay in my collection longer because I don’t use them often. It was time to get rid of this Maybelline Great Lash! Similarly, eyeliners tend to dry out even if they aren’t necessarily expired. This occurs most often with gel eyeliners, such as the ones here from Cailyn. I also tossed some pencils that were old and unusable.

Eyeshadows | Huge Makeup Destash!It’s a bit more difficult to get rid of eyeshadows. I first destashed what was broken. Here, a NYX shadow was missing a lid, and my NYC palette was broken resulting in a messy compact that I didn’t think was salvageable. Then, I got rid of old eyeshadows, such as the Sephora single. Finally, I took out products I never use. I got the JCat and bhCosmetics palettes in subscription boxes, and they need to go!


Lip Products | Huge Beauty Destash!Lip products also tend to have a long shelf life, especially if they do not contain ingredients like SPF that expire quickly. First, I took out any lip stains and lip glosses because they were clearly expired and separating in the tube (yuck!). Then, I tossed the Cailyn lip products that were dried out. Finally, I simply reached for products that do not suit my skintone. I own more lip products than anything else, so I was really happy to get rid of a bunch!


Face Products and Tools | Huge Beauty Destash!Last but not least, I threw out a face product that was expired, and some broken beauty tools. This was easy! If they don’t work, throw them away! There is no use to keep products that are taking up space and serve no utilitarian function. Make room for better things!

All in all, I hope you liked seeing what makeup I destashed. The products in this post were not bad products, but they simply needed to be thrown out because they were expired, old, or not in use. I felt so good after getting rid of all these products! It allowed me to see all of the useable products I own better, and gave me a better idea of what products, if any, I need to buy. I highly recommend going through your stash at least 1-2 times per year.

Do you have any tips for destashing your makeup collection? Share them in the comments!


  1. gina says:

    Regarding a dried out glsss pot of gel liner, (was the Cailyn eyeliner in a plastic case?) Wayne Goss, in his YouTube video, advises disinfecting the surface and then microwaving the gel liner for a few seconds (~5-10 secs) when it dries out (when in a glass case) because the heat softens the gel. I threw out my Bobbi Brown gel liner and was sad about it after I saw the how-to vid.

    • Adventures in Polishland says:

      That sounds like a good tip! I never wear eyeliner, so it wasn’t worth it for me to salvage it. If I ever find I liner I love I’ll keep that into account, though!

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