Manicure Monday | Tillie Polish in Fierce and Fabulous

Happy Manicure Monday! The Alphabet Challenge continues, and I really had to dig in my collection for a brand that begins with T. I found a Tillie Polish shade that I love, so I decided to put it on. I don’t remember the last time I wore it, but I do remember it being my spirit color! Let me show it to you!

Tillie Polish – Fierce and Fabulous Tillie Polish – Fierce and FabulousFierce and Fabulous is a hot pink polish with a matte finish and subtle silver shimmer. It is everything I could want in a nail polish! The formula is excellent and opaque in two coats, and the matte finish means I don’t need to grab a top coat. I absolutely love this polish, and feel fierce and fabulous whenever I wear it!

Unfortunately, Tillie Polish is not currently open for business. However, Zoya Lola is a very close match to Fierce and Fabulous. Check out my swatch of Lola HERE if you’re interested in getting a pink like this one. I certainly hope Tillie Polish will begin selling again soon! I love the shop’s creator Andrea and would love to see more polishes in the future. Let me know in the comments what favorite brand of yours is no longer open for business and you wish would come back!


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