Manicure Monday | Urban Outfitters Bright Lights

Happy Manicure Monday! The alphabet challenge continues with the letter U today, and I decided to go for one of my beloved Urban Outfitters polishes. Urban Outfitters has quite an extensive nail polish line, and they keep up with trends in the polish world quite well. Plus, they often go on clearance, and I’ve snagged plenty for under a dollar! I shared some of my favorite Urban Outfitters polishes on Possibly Polished a couple years back in a guest post (see that post HERE), but I thought I would share Bright Lights with all of you here, too.

Urband Outfitters – Bright Lights Urband Outfitters – Bright LightsBright Lights is a jelly polish that has an off-white base filled with multicolored hexagonal glitters and a slight blue shimmer. It is on the sheer side, but I love the look I get in three coats. Plus, Bright Lights is very versatile, and can be worn layered over regular polishes as well. It also reminds me of cake frosting with sprinkles!

All in all, Bright Lights is an all-around great polish. Wearing it again definitely makes me want to visit Urban Outfitters and check out what’s in stock right now. The best part is, Urban Outfitters’s polishes are fabulous and affordable at just 2 for $8! I think that’s quite the bargain, especially considering how often they release new collections. You can shop in store or online HERE. Be sure to let me know in the comments what your favorite Urban Outfitters polishes are!



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