SinfulColors A Class Act Collection | Back to School 2015

Happy Friday! I’m back today with my first nail polish review for the upcoming fall season. Fall is my favorite time of year for new nail polish collections, and I was beyond excited when SinfulColors reached out to me and asked if I would review ten shades from the brand’s new line. The A Class Act Collection features on trend shades and a mix of finishes. I have five demi-matte polishes to share, and five glossy/jelly polishes, so this post will be broken into two sections. First, up is the mattes, so let’s jump right in to the review!

SinfulColors A Class Act Collection | Back to School 2015

The A Class Act Collection contains a variety of polishes in a “demi-matte” finish. Each of these polishes have the same formula, so I wanted to address it before showing you the swatches. The application of the mattes is a bit problematic – the formula is goopy, patchy, and difficult to apply. I never got a clean line during application, and it was hard to work with the formula. I had to apply between 2-3 coats to get the finish I desired. That being said, each polished dried beautifully. Besides the messy edges, the matte finish is stunning, and I love the end result. Thus, so long as you are patient during application, I think the mattes are worth the $1.99 price tag if you are loving a particular polish. Otherwise, the mattes are a bit of a miss for me.

SinfulColors – Whiteboard SinfulColors – WhiteboardFirst up is Whiteboard, a white polish that looks just like chalk! This polish is great as a base, or would work well for some chalkboard nail art (such as the style I featured HERE). I love rocking a white manicure in the summertime, especially when I’ve got a tan. It’s simple yet fashion forward at the same time.

SinfulColors – V.I.Peach SinfulColors – V.I.PeachV.I.Peach is a pastel yellow polish that reminds me of sunshine. It’s not a polish I would think to buy, but it’s actually quite wearable and goes well with my fair skin tone. I like this yellow shade as a matte, and think it is perfect to transition from summer to fall.

SinfulColors – Pink Break SinfulColors – Pink BreakNext up is Pink Break, a pastel baby pink polish. This color totally reminds me of the typical pink shown at baby showers! It’s lightly pigmented, and it’s great for an everyday manicure. The demi-matte finish is still shiny despite being completely matte. It’s a great combination!

SinfulColors – Chalk it Up SinfulColors – Chalk it UpChalk it Up is a green polish somewhere between mint and pistachio. This is one of my favorite colors of nail polish to wear, and the matte finish is a fun spin on it. I’d love to pair this up with a pastel blue for a nail art look!

SinfulColors – Blackboard SinfulColors – BlackboardThe last matte is Blackboard, a true chalkboard polish! Blackboard is my favorite of the mattes that I tested. The formula was good during application, and it dried very quickly. Blackboard is definitely not a true black polish, but instead a deep grey. It is reminiscent of a school chalkboard for sure, and not as harsh as a full-on black. I highly recommend Blackboard if you are looking to pick up one of the demi-mattes.

SinfulColors A Class Act Collection | Back to School 2015Now let’s dive into the four glossy and one jelly polish I got to review. I’m happy to report that these all had wonderful formulas, and I did not have any application issues whatsoever. I’ll begin this section with the one jelly polish, and then review the four glossy finishes.

SinfulColors – RADient SinfulColors – RADientRADient is the one jelly polish in the bunch. Although it is listed as a demi-matte on the SinfulColors website, the formula is a true jelly. It is sheer, but layers on beautifully, and is a gorgeous raspberry color. I used two coats for my photographed manicure, with a bit of my nail line still visible. I will need to try this out in a jelly sandwich ASAP!

SinfulColors – Summer S-cool SinfulColors – Summer S-coolSummer S-cool is the first glossy polish I have to share, and it is a vibrant robin’s egg blue. I applied two coats to achieve opacity, and am amazed with the natural gloss and shine without a top coat. Summer S-cool is the perfect polish to wear to a pool party before heading back to the classroom!

SinfulColors – Feel the Vibe SinfulColors – Feel the VibeNext up is Feel the Vibe, a true orange polish that will be absolutely necessary come Halloween. I applied two coats to achieve opacity, and cannot get over how awesome this orange is. If you are looking for the perfect orange, this one is for you! I think it is a must have in every nail polish stash.

SinfulColors – Daredevil SinfulColors – DaredevilDaredevil is next, and it is a hot pink polish with a bit of luminescent shimmer. I am obsessed with this polish! Not only does it have an amazing formula that is opaque in two coats, but it is an incredible shade of pink. I own more pink nail polishes than any other color, and I must say this is a fabulous one. I think I’ll put this on again very soon!

SinfulColors – Fig SinfulColors – FigLast but not least is Fig, a stunning deep plum polish with purple shimmer. Fig is not a unique shade, but it’s one that SinfulColors has done very well. The formula is spot on, and the glossy finish is perfection. I actually might unhaul some of my similar polishes now that I have Fig!

All in all, the A Class Act Collection from SinfulColors has a great mix of polishes at the fabulous and affordable price point of $1.99 each. The full collection contains 27 polishes, so be sure to check your local Walgreens and other mass retailers beginning now in August and into September. I highly recommend picking up any of the glossy shades, and Blackboard from the demi-matte finishes. As always, please let me know in the comments if you’ll be picking up any polishes from the A Class Act Collection!

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