My Top 5 Dark Nail Polishes for Fall | #FallintoPolishland

Happy Monday! My fall nail polish series #FallintoPolishland continues today with my top five dark nail polishes. When I first began my blog three and a half years ago, I absolutely avoided dark polishes! I was into brights and neons, but when I first received dark nail polishes for review I was converted. I now absolutely love dark polishes, especially in the colder months. Let me go ahead and share my favorites with you!

My Top 5 Dark Nail Polishes for Fall | #FallintoPolishland

LVX – Dahlia LVX – Dahlia

LVX – Dahlia [BUY]

First up is Dahlia from the high end brand LVX. This is a deep crimson polish that has a great formula. Dahlia is perfect for those of us who don’t like the traditional red nail. It looks beautiful even on those with the fairest skin tone. LVX is a vegan brand, so I think it’s worth the higher price tag!

Covergirl – Sapphire Flare Covergirl – Sapphire Flare

Covergirl – Sapphire Flare [BUY]

I, of course, have to include a couple dark blue polishes, as blue is my go-to shade in the fall. Sapphire Flare from Covergirl is a great option from the drugstore. It is a navy polish that is opaque in two coats. While dark, the polish is still very blue in color. Plus, this shade is great for nail art as well!

Milani – Ink SpotMilani – Ink Spot

Milani – Ink Spot [BUY]

Next up is Ink Spot from Milani, an even darker blue polish. Ink Spot has an amazing, high-gloss formula. It is nearly black, but still has a rich blue pigmentation. Ink Spot also has undertones of purple, so take that into consideration when you’re deciding between it and Sapphire Flare!

Julep – Brandt Julep – Brandt

Julep – Brandt [BUY]

One of my all-time favorite Juleps is Brandt, an off-black polish from the Trina Turk collection. Brandt has an amazing formula that is opaque in two coats. It looks good with any outfit because the color is not a stark black. Brandt looks great layered under glitter, or on its own! It’s been a staple of mine for the past three years.

Michael Marcus – Once You Go Matte Michael Marcus – Once You Go Matte

Michael Marcus – Once You Go Matte [BUY]

 Last but not least is Once You Go Matte from Michael Marcus. I really love matte nail polish, and it’s always a bonus when a polish has a matte formula because I don’t have to reach for a separate top coat. Once You Go Matte has an amazing formula that dries quickly. I’ve worn it countless times since I got it!

That wraps up another #FallintoPolishland post! I hope you were inspired to grab some of your dark nail polishes out of the back of your collection to wear this season. If you’ve shied away from darks in the past, now is the perfect time to try them out! Of course, please share your favorite dark nail polishes with me in the comments!

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