Library Book Sale Haul | Book Shopping on a Budget!

Happy Tuesday! Today I am excited to share with you a mega awesome book haul! As you know, Adventures in Polishland is your guide to a fabulous and affordable life. I’ve often shared how to save on beauty products, but today we are changing gears to talk about books! I’ve been a reader my entire life, and as much as I love ebooks, I still prefer reading physical books. Books can be really expensive, though, so I’m always on the hunt for a good deal. I love to check out used book stores,  but the best and most affordable shopping is a good old library book sale! My local library always has a sale going on, but once a year there is a huge book sale where you can fill a bag for just $1.00. I recently went to this sale and picked up seven books, and had to share them with you! Let me show you what I picked up, and give you some library book sale tips along the way.

Library Book Sale Haul  Book Shopping on a Budget

I’ve gone to many library book sales in the past and often felt overwhelmed with the vast number of books. This is often because the books are not organized, and there is so much to look at, at once. Plus, these book sales can be swimming with lots of people all vying for the hot titles. This time I came prepared – I only bought books that I was looking to own. In other words, I didn’t pick up any books simply because they looked interesting. I bought books that were on my wish list. My main goal was to find books that completed series. I also brought my own reusable tote to the book sale. It allowed me to pick up more books because it was bigger than the grocery bags the library offered!

Library Book Sale Haul | Book Shopping on a Budget!Here are the first four books I got at the sale. I was so excited to find these, because they helped to complete two series on my bookshelf! These books are all sequels that I’ve been wanting to read. Specials and Extras by Scott Westerfeld are the last two books in the Uglies series, and I already own the first two. Frostbite by Richelle Mead is the second book in the Vampire Academy series (I own the first one). Finally, Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells is the second book in the Ya-Yas trilogy. I own the first and third books already, but was missing this one. I seriously couldn’t believe my luck with these finds! I love to read all of the books in a series back-to-back, so now I can do that with the Uglies and Ya-Yas series!

Library Book Sale Haul | Book Shopping on a Budget!I also picked up a couple Stephen King books. I’ve been wanting to read his books in publishing order for a while, so when I found this vintage copy of Carrie I decided to pick it up despite it’s disheveled state. I am super excited about this bind-up of The Bachman Books as well! It contains four novels that King wrote under a pseudonym at the beginning of his career, and is very difficult to find because one of the novels is not in print anymore. I’m ready for spooky Halloween reads for sure!

Library Book Sale Haul | Book Shopping on a Budget!Last but not least, I found a copy of Deception Point by Dan Brown. I’ve read three of his Robert Langdon books, so I figured I would read more by him. I also own a copy of Angels & Demons in this same edition, which is from the UK! I couldn’t pass this up, especially for such a low price.

Those are all of the books I picked up at the library book sale for just $1.00 total! Besides the copy of Carrie, all of the books I got are in great quality and would sell for a few dollars each at used bookstores or online. Definitely make sure to check out your local library to see what books they have on sale. You never know what you’re going to find!

Do you shop at library book sales? Share your tips in the comments!

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    Thank you for reminding me I should check out library sales. I always forget to go to one, and I’ve lately been buying books on Ebay (also a decent place for cheap books).

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