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Happy Tuesday! It’s December now, and that means it’s time to share with you all of the things I loved in November. I feel like November flew by extremely quickly! To be honest, I didn’t change up my beauty or skincare routine much at all this month, so I don’t have too many new products to share. This time around I’ll be letting you into my daily life a bit more, so you can learn more about what I love in all aspects of my life. Let me jump right into my November Favorites!


elf HD Lifting Concealer – $3.00 [BUY]

My skin has been in a bad mood this month! I’m not sure if it’s the change in weather, the food I’m eating, or something else, but I’ve gotten some nasty breakouts and redness. I purchased this elf concealer on a whim back in May (see the haul HERE), and it does a great job at balancing my redness. Of course, it’s not a miracle worker, but for a $3 product it’s a great item to have in your collection when you need it.


Buxom Full-On Lip Polish Lipgloss in Sophia – $19.00 [BUY]

I got a mini size of this lipgloss in the Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip Kit I purchased last month (full review HERE), and I’ve been reaching for it more than any other lip product recently. The pink shade is absolutely perfect with my skin tone. It’s just a great everyday color, and the formula feels nice on the lips, too. I do wish it wasn’t minty, because that hurts my throat a bit, but I can deal with it. I love this color so much!


Macadamia Healing Oil Spray – $13.95 [BUY]

The winter weather is creeping in, and my hair and skin are slowly drying out. I reached for this oil spray this month to add in a bit more moisture and shine to my otherwise dull hair. I spray just one or two times on my wet hair after showering, and then brush it through to spread the product. I find that this works really well, and it also smells great. Definitely make sure to use only a tiny bit, though, as it can be heavy!


Homemade White Cheez-Its | Adventures in Polishland

Baking – Homemade White Cheez-Its Pictured

I’ve been really into baking lately, and I’m trying to make something new about once per week. I’ve been focusing on healthier options, but with the holidays around the corner I know the snacks will get sweeter and sweeter. My first treat was homemade Cheez-Its, which turned out amazing! I’ll be sharing some of my recipes with all of you soon.


Caitlin and Co. Designs [BUY]

I discovered a new Etsy Sticker Shop completely on a whim, and made a HUGE purchase. I’m so glad I ended up splurging on these. The quality is beyond top-notch, and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. These stickers have really helped me and my planning routine. I cannot recommend this shop enough, so be sure to check it out. If you buy something, let her know I sent you in the Notes to Seller section!


Image courtesy of

Dancing with the Stars

I go back and forth with loving Dancing with the Stars (“DWTS”), and not watching it at all. I got into this season towards the latter half, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’m writing this blog post on the day of the DWTS finale, so I don’t know who won yet! Right now I’m rooting for Bindi. I think she is a beautiful dancer, and she seems like such a genuinely nice person. I also enjoyed watching Nick Carter on the show despite being a diehard *NSYNC fan.


Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? [BUY]

Dancing with the Stars also turned me on to this Justin Bieber song! I’ve never been one to listen to Justin Bieber, but I’m loving this song. It has a great beat, and is just so catchy. I’m loving the reinvented JB!

I hope all of you had a great November! Please share your favorites with me in the comments, too. I love to hear what you are all loving, especially new beauty products. There is just something fun about sharing the things we’re loving most!

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